How to Rescue Data from USB Jump Drive?

Jump drives are generally called “USB drives” or “Flash drives”. These Jump drives are solid-state data storage devices which are capable of storing huge amount of data. As these removable storage devices are portable in nature, you can connect Jump drives to any system through USB port for accessing, sharing or transferring data. These jump drives are very small and one can carry them easily in their pocket. You can preserve any files like MS Office documents, text files, photos and all other kind of media files efficiently on these re-writable storage media.

Some undesirable situations which cause data loss from Jump drive:

  • Sometimes, user might delete files and folders from Jump drive while accessing some important data
  • Some users may format the Jump drive containing valuable documents by mistake when it is attached to the system
  • External threats like viruses / malwares may corrupt file system of Jump drive and make its data inaccessible. In such case, you need to format jump drive to free it from corruption, but formatting erased all files on jump drive

In few events your Jump drive might fail to mount its data on system. This is due to Jump drive corruption or logical conflicts arise at that time. In such scenarios, system may display error messages like: “Jump drive cannot be recognized”, “Jump drive not readable” or “Jump drive not formatted. Format it now”.

These error messages might lead to forceful formatting of your jump drive containing essential data. If you are encountered with any of above mentioned scenarios, do not worry!!! You can opt for suitable file recovery software, which helps in retrieving all files form Jump drive.

Jump drive file recovery software:

One of the most recommended and renowned file retrieval application is Yodot File Recoverysoftware, which provides quite easy and time saving approach to restore deleted or lost data from jump drive on Windows system. Using this software, you can rescue wide variety of documents, archives, photos, audios, videos and other file formats from USB jump drive based on their unique signatures. This tool is capable of recovering data from hard drives, memory cards, external hard drives and other storage devices. You can rescue missing file and folders from Jump drives manufactured by Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, HP, Lexar, etc on Windows PC/laptop installed with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Steps to get back data from Jump drive:

  • Connect your affected Jump drive to the Windows system
  • Download and install Yodot File Recovery program to that Windows PC
  • Launch the application and follow the main screen guidelines
  • From first screen you need to select the option “Deleted File Recovery” in order to bring back deleted data or “Lost File Recovery” option to rescue missing or lost data from Jump drive
  • After that software displays all the drives associated with that system including Jump drive
  • Once you select the drive that represents your Jump drive, the program start to scan the entire drive and display the list of recovered files and folders
  • You can use “Data Type View” or “File Type View” options in order to select the preferred files and folders
  • Select the files which you need to get back and press on “Next” button
  • Finally save rescued data to your desired destination location, but not on the same Jump drive

Tips to be considered:

  • It is suggested to use your Jump drive correctly while connecting/ejecting to or from system
  • You should plug-in Jump drives into secure computers or devices
  • Always use appropriate software in order to rescue Jump drive data

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