Recovering Large Deleted Files from Windows XP

“Alas! I have deleted some large files from Windows XP system, each of them were more than 4GB. I checked in Recycle Bin, but they were not there. I want to get them back soon; please provide me a procedure on how deleted large files can be restored from Windows XP. Thanks!”

Why deleted large files doesn’t get saved in Recycle Bin?

When you delete files from Windows system, usually they get stored in Recycle Bin folder. This happens only if the file size is small enough to be saved in Recycle Bin folder. Recycle Bin folder is provided with two features under properties option:

  • Customize Size: Using this option, user can edit size of Recycle Bin folder. This depends on actual size of hard drive that is present in Windows XP system
  • Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted

By decreasing the size of space allocated for Recycle Bin and then selecting the second option will result in deletion of files from Windows XP system after bypassing Recycle Bin folder. By using Shift + delete keys simultaneously after selecting a file also results in permanent file deletion.

When large files get deleted, they don’t disappear just like that. In fact, large files deleted remains in same location, only its directory listing is removed and added to Recycler folder in Windows XP and in newer operating systems it is saved in $Recycle.Bin folder that is present on each and every partition. Now, to recover deleted large files from Windows XP, all you to need to do is access the path that is present in Recycler folder before the information on this path is overwritten. Once the path is accessed, deleted large files can be easily recovered and all this can be done with efficient file recovery program.

Large deleted file recovery tool

Yodot File Recovery software is the most recommended utility for recovering large deleted files from Windows XP system. This software is provided with progressive scanning mechanism and simple to use interface to restore all types of large deleted files from Windows XP system. It can regain deleted large MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PST, OST, DBX, PowerPoint, etc) files, archive files, text files, PDF files and other file formats from Windows XP system. Moreover, it can accomplish large file recovery from Windows XP, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 OS based computers. This utility provides ‘Save Recovery Session’ option, using which users can stop recovery process at any point of time and resume it at later stage without need to rescan entire partition

Steps for recovering large deleted files from Windows XP system are:

  • Download and install Yodot File Recovery application in the system by logging in as local system admin
  • On completion of installation process, user can run software using shortcut icon present on desktop
  • From main screen click on ‘Deleted File Recovery’ option and then move on to next window
  • Select hard drive from where large files have been deleted
  • Initiate scanning of hard drive by clicking on Next button
  • Upon completion of recovery process, rescued list of files can be viewed in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • Mark the required large files and save them to available storage location accessible to Windows XP computer

Useful Tips:

  • Maintain backup of important files on more than one storage media before deleting them
  • Avoid using Shift-Delete keys for deleting large files from Windows XP system
  • Stop using Windows XP system for storing new files after encountering file deletion

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