Recover Data from Maxell Pen Drive

“I have Maxell Pen drive in which I saved few documents related to my project work. Today I connected pen drive to my computer to view certain files. After completing work, I just right clicked on the drive that represented Maxell pen drive. It showed many options and I was about to click on “Eject” option, but mistakenly clicked on “Format” option that was present just above “Eject”. Soon after choosing “Format” option, my computer displayed a message that formatting will erase all the data present in the drive. But without reading warning message, I clicked on “OK”. Now I lost complete data from Maxell Pen drive. I just don’t care about other data, but my project document also got erased along with other information. Can anyone guide me proper way to bring back my documents from Maxell pen drive?”

Many flash drive users post this type of queries in certain forums when they find it is difficult to solve their data loss issues. However, if you complete reading this article then above given problem doesn’t remain problem anymore. In an age where accessibility and portability are everything, Maxell pen drive is the perfect option for users who owns a computer. Do not think that this small sized device will deceive you. Its large capacity is capable of storing hundreds of your vital files without the need for compression. It is also a great way to share your files with friends and family when you are away from your own computer. It has high speed USB 2.0 port which means that you will never have to endure long waits when moving files to and from the device.

One of the best features of this pen drive is that you can add password to it so that you can protect your files from an unauthorized access. But as whatever explained above, data loss can happen from Maxell pen drive as well. There are several instances that lead to loss of data from it and few of them are listed as follows:

  • Some infectious viruses get entered into your Maxell pen drive when it is connected to infected system. These threats might delete few files and corrupts file system of Maxell USB drive
  • Accidental deletion of files from Maxell pen drive is another root cause deletion of data as files erased from flash drive does not get stored in Recycle Bin
  • If you forcefully shut down your PC when Maxell pen drive is attached to it or abruptly remove pen drive when accessing its data, then it may likely cause loss of data
  • Files might get lost due to system shutdown, power surge and pulling out the pen drive from computer while moving files from Maxell pen drive to system using copy- paste / cut- paste options

Files from your Maxell pen drive can get deleted or lost as a consequence of any of the reasons as mentioned above or due to some unknown reasons. At that time, you need to immediately stop using Maxell pen drive to prevent overwritten of lost data with new files. Then you need to download reliable pen drive recovery tool like Yodot File Recovery to recover files from Maxell pen drive on Windows OS.

Data restoration from Maxell pen drive

Yodot File Recovery is a stupendous recovery application that can rescue lost files from Maxell pen drive. It has the ability to scan and search for the files that got deleted or lost for from Maxell pen drive based on their unique file signatures. Along with Maxell pen drive, this software can be used for restoring files from Transcend, HP, SanDisk, Sony, Kingston, Lexar and other pen drive models. This software even provides an option to select required files to get back files in less span of time. To avoid overwriting of files, the application prevents you from saving the rescued files back to the same storage drive from which you are recovering data.

Steps to regain data from Maxell flash drive:

  • Connect Maxell pen drive to your Windows computer
  • Download and install Yodot File Recovery software into your Windows computer
  • Run the software, you will find two options on the main screen, i.e. "Deleted File Recovery" and "Lost File Recovery"
  • Select any one according to the data loss scenario. After selecting suitable option, you can see the drives present in your system.
  • It even displays external storage drive i.e. Maxell pen drive connected to the computer
  • Select Maxell pen drive to proceed further. The application scans pen drive and displays list of recovered files in Data View and File Type View
  • Distinguish recovered files using these two views and  choose the files that you want to recover and click on “Next”
  • Finally you can save recovered file to any preferred location on your system

Preventive Tips:

  • It is good practice to eject Maxell pen drive by using desktop icon instead of right clicking and selecting “Eject” option
  • Scan Maxell pen drive with authorized Antivirus software as soon as you connect it the computer
  • Do not shutdown your computer when Maxell pen drive is connected to it

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