How to Recover Deleted and Lost Microsoft office Files for Free?

Updated on March 10, 2020

Consider a scenario wherein while clearing a folder, you have accidentally deleted an important MS Office file, on which you were working for a week. The moment you realized,a nd looked into the Recycle Bin folder, but it was of no use, as you deleted the folder with "Shift + Delete" Command. Now, you wonder how to recover deleted MS Office files? Just remain calm, and keep reading the article to know how to recover deleted Microsoft office files for free..!

It is has been reported that Microsoft Office is used in 80% of companies for processing company information such as financial reporting, client files, sales result, accounting files. But the files and documents which are created by Office's applications are immune to get deleted or lost from storage media due to any human faults or technical errors. Below are the few listed causes that are known for deletion of loss of Microsoft Office files:

  • Deleting certain MS office files along with unneeded files by using Shift-Delete keys
  • Emptying Recycle Bin without checking its contents
  • Formatting the hard drive containing your MS Office files without having a backup
  • Power failure or sudden system reboots while working on MS Office files
  • Interruptions while transferring MS Office files from computer to removal storage drive
  • Incorrect usage of cut and paste commands to move Microsoft Office files from one location to another
  • Malware/Virus attacks may delete some Microsoft office files from hard drive

To cater such data loss scenarios, there are several free DIY methods to recover deleted MS Office files. You can easily recover lost or deleted MS Office files with efficient file recovery tool like Deleted files recovery tool.

Yodot File Recovery Tool to Recover MS Office Files:

Yodot File Recovery is the precise tool that will help you recover and access your Microsoft Office files on Windows computer. You can all types of MS Office files such as Word (DOC &, DOCX), PowerPoint (PPT & PPTX), Excel (XLS and XLSX), Access (MDB), Outlook (PST) , etc by using this tool. It has ability to scan hard drive to get back erased or missing Microsoft Office files in a simple way. It also recovers PDF files, compressed files, media files and lot more file types from all types of storage devices like hard drives, portable hard disks, flash drives, memory cards, iPods, etc on Windows OS. It also lets users to search for the specific file type they are looking for or click on “Skip” option to recover all kinds of files. For an instance, if you want to recover DOC files, then you just have to type DOC on the search box and all the DOC files from selected storage drive will be presented to you in less time.

Procedure to Recover MS Office Files:

  • Download Yodot File Recovery and install the application to your laptop or desktop
  • Run the application by double clicking on the desktop shortcut
  • Use “Deleted File Recovery” option to recover deleted Microsoft office files or use “Lost File Recovery “option to retrieve your lost files
  • The application scans and displays all the logical and physical drives connected to the system
  • Select the drive / partition from where office files are to be recovered
  • The application repeats the scanning process and displays all the lost /deleted files from the selected drive
  • Choose the files which you would like to recover back
  • You can also preview the files using “Preview” option
  • Finally save the recovered Microsoft office files to the chosen location, but not onto the same drive / partition from where it is recovering from

Important Tips

  • It is necessary to take multiple copies of vital Microsoft office files
  • Make your important Microsoft office files read only to avoid file modifications
  • Until you recover files, don’t save new data to the drive or partition from where you have deleted or lost Office files

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