Recovering Data from Moser Baer Pen Drive

recover usb“When I connected my Moser Baer pen drive to the system in my office, it prompted me to scan the drive before I could use it. I clicked ok, but when the scanning of Moser Baer pen drive via some antivirus tool was completed, some of the documents that were to be presented during the meeting were deleted along with infected files. I am seriously worried now as it took me more than 10 hours to gather the required information and compile it to single file. Can anyone suggest me to get back deleted files from Moser Baer pen drive without damaging it? Thanks a lot”.

Moser Baer is one of the oldest brands that been in manufacturing digital storage devices. Coming out from DVD’s and CD’s they have been in the line of creating Pen drives that are used popularly worldwide for storing and transferring data. We all know data loss issues bound to occur in storage device and the rate is more when it comes to portable storage media. Let’s consider a scenario where in you have been using Moser Baer pen drive and you encountered data loss issues which wiped out your drive clean. Before finding out an exact solution on how to recover deleted / lost data from Moser Baer pen drive its better you get to know some of the scenarios that lead to loss of information:

  • Severe virus / malware attack can lead to deletion of data from Moser Baer pen drive
  • Accidental removal of Moser Baer pen drive from the system when user is processing some data
  • Deletion of files from Moser Baer pen drive when it is connected to the system leads to deletion of files bypassing Recycle Bin folder
  • Moser Baer pen drive may get corrupted due to over usage and hence blocks access to the information saved

Data from Moser Baer pen drive may get deleted or lost at any point of time and to be on safer side, computer experts recommend us to keep backup of important data so that it can be restored easily if any scenarios as mentioned above take place. If you have not maintained backup of important files from Moser Baer pen drive, there is no need to get tensed make use Yodot File Recovery software that can easily restore lost information in minimum duration of time.

About file recovery tool:

Recover erased files is the best example you can give to any users who need to get back their missing data from Moser Baer pen drive. It is provided with simplicity and hence included with easy to use list of options that covers almost all data loss scenarios. Different file types that were stored in Moser Baer pen drive like pictures, audio, video, MS Office documents, RAR files, Zip files, PDF files, SWF, Flash, RAW images and many more can be rescued. Including recovery of data from Moser Baer pen drive, you can also restore files from Xcel USB 3.0 flash drive, Kanguru Defender Elite, Lexar, Transcend, SanDisk, Hp, Integral, Pico, Adata, Toshiba, iBall and many others. If any doubt arises as to how data recovery can be carried out or if you get stuck at any point of time, feel free to mail the issue to the technical support staff who will solve your problem as soon as possible.

Guidelines to recover data from Moser Baer pen drive:

  • Download and install Yodot File Recovery program in the system with help of admin account
  • Once installation of Moser Baer pen drive gets completed, run the tool and follow on-screen steps
  • Click on Deleted File Recovery or Lost File Recovery based on issues in which files were lost from Moser Baer pen drive
  • Once desired option is clicked, move on to next screen and select Moser Baer pen drive from list of drives shown
  • Using next window select file types that were present in Moser Baer pen drive and then start scanning
  • Upon ompletion of recovery process, list of files are shown in Data View or File Type View
  • Click on desired view and then select the files that need to be saved

Things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid using Moser Baer pen drive on systems without proper antivirus protection
  • Maintain backup of important files on more than one destination to overcome abrupt loss of files from Moser Baer pen drive
  • Always scan your Moser Baer pen drive before using it on any system/laptop

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