Restore Multiple Deleted Files

“Delete” option provides one of the easiest ways to remove multiple files and folders from system hard drive. Irrespective of the time and efforts have taken to create a file, one can delete it from storage space within a second by using “Delete” option. Apart from intentional deletion of unwanted or unnecessary files, in most of the situations user may delete multiple files unintentionally using “Delete” option.

By keeping these things in mind computer professional’s structured temporary folder called “Recycle Bin”, which can preserve multiple erased files using “Delete” option. However, in few situations files will bypass Recycle Bin and get deleted permanently such as using “Shift” key along with “Delete” key to remove multiple files, deleting file from command prompt, removing file from removable storage devices, etc.

In some scenarios, while restoring multiple deleted files from Recycle Bin user may unknowingly delete those files. Accidentally emptying Recycle Bin is also one of the threats for removing multiple files. Along with these factors malicious virus, Trojan horse, spyware, etc attack on system hard drive or external storage device and delete multiple files without any intimation.

In case you have deleted multiple files mistakenly and now searching about how to recover multiple deleted files, then don’t worry!! One can retrieve multiple deleted files using prominent file recovery software such as Yodot File Recovery on Windows system.

Software to restore multiple deleted files:

Yodot File Recovery software developed with advanced algorithms to find and recover multiple deleted files on Windows computer. One can rescue different file formats like documents, presentations, spreadsheets, compressed files, digital files, database files, etc. It has simple on screen instructions and friendly interface, which makes even novices system users to extract multiple deleted files without any difficulty Even, you can successfully get back multiple deleted files from removable storage components such as pen drives, external hard drives, memory cards, etc. You can also recover inaccessible files, invisible files, etc from Windows hard drive and other storage devices compatible on Windows desktop or laptop installed with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Steps to rescue multiple deleted files:

Note: If you have deleted multiple files from removable storage devices like pen drives, portable hard drives, memory card, etc, then connect that device to Windows PC and proceed with below specified steps.

  • Download and install Yodot File Recovery software on Windows computer
  • Setup the utility by login as system admin and follow to the on screen procedure
  • Use “Delete File Recovery” option from main screen to restore multiple deleted files
  • Now the program provides list of partitions or device drive present in the Windows system
  • Select the partition or device drive from where you have to get back multiple deleted files on Windows PC
  • After deep scanning of the selected partition or device drive, this application display list of deleted files
  • View the restored files in 2 different views i.e. data view and file type view which eases your search
  • Mark the desired files from the list that you need to extract and click on "Next" button
  • At end for the destination location to preserve rescued files on Windows system (But not to the same drive from where you have recovered those files)
  • You can also save your retrieved files onto any other external storage devices and optical storage devices such as CDs and DVDs

Notable points:

  • Use finest anti-virus software on Windows system to avoid virus attack
  • Do not save new files on PC or other storage device in order to avoid data overwriting
  • Check thrice after selecting multiple files in order to delete

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