How to Recover PowerPoint 2013 Files?

“Need help; I lost few PowerPoint presentation files on my desktop while trying to transfer them to USB pen drive. It was created using Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and include important data, which I do not posses any backup copy. Now, how can I recover PowerPoint files that are missing? Kindly suggest some useful method to conduct PowerPoint 2013 file recovery on Windows desktop. Thanks in advance.”

This might surely seem similar to your situation wherein important presentation files are no more in your hand. But don’t worry there are solutions to sustain situation and bring back deleted or lost PowerPoint files. Before that, let us glance at various reasons that end up in deleting or missing of PowerPoint 2013 presentation files on one’s computer as mentioned below:

  • Use of Shift Delete keys or command prompt to erase PowerPoint 2013 file will remove the file completely beyond manual recovery
  • Missing of 2013 presentation files can occur due to interrupted transfer process from system to other external storage devices or from one location to another on same storage drive
  • Certain times, necessary 2013 PowerPoint files may accidentally get deleted from external storage devices when connected to system and such files won’t get redirected to Recycle Bin
  • Unintentionally deleting required 2013 PPTX files instead of unwanted presentation files and emptying Recycle Bin without glancing at files residing in it
  • Other times; virus intrusion or influence by third party programs on system can render missing of PowerPoint 2013 files without any intimation

Users may lose PowerPoint 2013 presentation files in all these instances if he/she lack correct backup of essential files and then struggle to restore lost PowerPoint files. Fortunately as said above, lost and deleted PowerPoint files can be retrieved back easily with the help of reliable PowerPoint file recovery tool.

PowerPoint 2013 file recovery software:

Equipped with best recovery strategies, Recover erased files is the most recommended and utilized program to rescue PowerPoint 2013 presentation files. Furnished with read-only recovery modules, this tool can retrieve Presentation files created using PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 Office versions. Also, this software can restore Microsoft Office files like Word documents, Excel files, Access files, Outlook PST, etc. with ease. One can successfully restore files lost after computer restart, sudden shutdown, power surge and other situations. Apart from system hard drive, it can regain files from USB pen drive, external hard drive, SSD, FireWire Drive and other storage devices. This utility can be employed on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Guidelines for rescuing PowerPoint 2013 files:

  • Download the software on your Windows computer and install it
  • Run the utility and wait for main screen
  • Here, click on ‘Deleted File Recovery’ option if PowerPoint 2013 files were erased
  • Else, click on ‘Lost File Recovery’ option to restore missing or lost presentation files
  • Next, choose the drive / partition from which files have to be retrieved and proceed
  • Software performs a deep scan of selected partition / drive and restores all possible files from it
  • View the recovered files by toggling between ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’
  • Save selected presentation file to target location you prefer on your system

Important Note:

  • Enable backup of needful MS 2013 presentation files in various storage devices to overcome file loss situations
  • Make use of authentic antivirus tool on system to protect PowerPoint file loss due to virus infection

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