How to Get Back Backup Files from Windows?

“Hello guys, I have encountered a devastating situation; important Windows backup files are deleted accidentally. I carelessly erased few backup files on my system and couldn't find any track in Windows Recycle Bin. I don't know what to do as I tried all possible ways to find those deleted files. I am feeling so helpless and in need of an effective solution to recover backup files from Windows computer. Please help me if you know something on how to solve my issue. Awaiting for your reply...”

In fact, when your files gets bypassed or emptied the Recycle Bin after deletion, do not think it has gone forever. They are still present at some place, but the occupied space is marked as reusable, and they will disappear completely once new data gets saved in that location. Therefore, make sure that you don't write any data to same drive where you have lost backup files from.

Few more reasons for backup file loss:

  • Interruption while copying files: When you move files between external drive and Windows computer, if any interruption occurs like power fluctuation it leads to loss of files. Use of cut option instead of copy is one that adds to this
  • Deleting files: This kind of situation occurs when you erase backup files by pressing ‘Shift Delete’ keys combination or emptying Windows Recycle Bin folder. This case comes under human error category
  • Intrusion of virus: Connecting virus infected device or sharing virus infected files to Windows computer it tends to file loss. While scanning system with unsafe antivirus tool, results in removal of files without notifying user

If you face any of the above mentioned situations then you have a chance to perform backup file recovery and retrieve them easily. A professional Yodot File Recovery wizard can help you out.

Salient features to recover backup files from Windows:

Yodot File Recovery application can easily restore lost or erased files from Windows operating system with few simple steps perfectly. It is capable of restoring files of various file types such as MS Office doc, PDF files, compressed files, generic media files (images, songs and videos), etc. It is not required to worry about the safety of the tool, because it is read-only and virus free to use. It can retrieve files from various portable devices, flash drives, memory cards, SSD drives and other drives. If you are satisfied with the output obtained from demo version of this program then you can buy the product to activate 'Save Recovery Session' and save recovered files on Windows system. It can recover my files on Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Server 2003 operating system.

Note:By using Mac media version, you can recover backup files from iTunes on various versions of Mac OS.

Procedure to use the software:

Procedure 1: Install the application on your Windows desktop After successful download and installation of Yodot File Recovery application, either click on ‘Deleted File Recovery’ or ‘Lost File Recovery’ option and proceed further

Procedure 2: Select the drive from where you lost backup files Among all drives available on your PC, select applicable drive/partition and click ‘Next’. Program will scan entire drive for lost or erased files.

Procedure 3: After scan, select view type to sort recovered files You can view recovered backup files either in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’ in exact folder structure At last, save all your retrieved data in target destination by purchasing product key of the application.


  • Before removing any files confirm whether you are deleting unwanted file or vital file
  • Keep multiple copies of Windows backup files on various storage locations to avoid data loss