Regain Deleted Excel Files from Desktop

recover excel spreadsheetExcel files are the most important documents from MS Office suite that allows users to save and manage crucial information about financial reports, project report, productions, organization’s strategies and many more. An excel sheet can be very precious for you from different point of views and if it gets deleted, you may run into a great trouble.

Usually we need excel files for our daily work and that is why most of the users keep these documents on desktop for easy access; but unfortunately due to some mistakes or unforeseen reasons, excel files often get deleted from the desktop. You may encounter deletion of excel files from the desktop in following situations:

  • Applying Shift + Delete keys combination on few important excel files while erasing unnecessary files from desktop
  • After deletion of user account, excel files stored on desktop will also removed
  • Re-formatting the C drive while re-installation of OS results in deletion of Excel files
  • Sometimes files may get deleted after accidental formatting the drive; launching the Disk cleanup utility; wrong action of any third party app

Are excel files deleted forever?

No! Although excel document seems deleted from desktop and you are not finding them anywhere in your computer, in technical point of view nothing has deleted from hard drive. Deleting a file means you allow OS to feel free to use that space for saving new data, but deleted excel file is still there until its space gets overwritten with new file content. So the simple step you need to deploy for deleted excel file recovery from desktop is to use any good third party file recovery tool like Deleted file recovery for restoring deleted excel files from desktop.

Deleted excel files recovery software:

Yodot File Recovery is the most reliable and affordable tool available to retrieve excel files deleted or missing from Windows platform. This software is encapsulated with advanced recovery models that make it simple to retrieve deleted excel files and other MS Office documents such as presentations, Word files, Access file, PST file, OST file, DBX file, etc; PDF files, archive files; basic media files and other files from desktop and other drives on Windows computer/laptop. It comes with simple user interface where users find it very easy to restore deleted files from desktop after any kind of data loss accidents. You can take advantage of this smart app in recovering deleted excel workbook from system hard drives, external HDDs, pen drives, SSDs and other kinds of storage device.

Easy procedures to undelete excel files from desktop:

  • Install the Yodot File Recovery software after it is downloaded to your Windows computer
  • Launch the utility to explore main wizard with recovery options “Lost File Recovery” and “Deleted File Recovery”
  • Go with the "Deleted File Recovery" option to extract your deleted excel files from desktop
  • The software scans the system and shows all the logical and external drives present in it
  • Choose the drive that refers desktop (usually it is local disk C:) and process further
  • Again program scans the C: drive to extract all recoverable files including deleted excel file in two different views i.e. "Data type" and "File type" view
  • Use "Data type" to see the actual folder name with its root files otherwise select "File type" view that show all the files listed based on their file extensions
  • Mark all recovered excel files that you want to save on your computer. Also, you can utilize raw search option to search specific file type
  • At last, select particular destination location on your computer hard drive and click on “Save” button to save retrieved excel files

Try These Suggestions!

  • Do not forget to save additional copy of important excel documents as back up in different storage locations
  • If possible save your crucial excel documents as read only to withdraw the chances of accidental deletion
  • Don’t install the application to the same drive from where excel files are deleted
  • Keep an updated anti-virus app to scan the system for virus and other external threats

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