How to Retrieve Deleted Files from RAID Drive?

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

Lately I have seen few questions on internet, one such is how to recover erased files from RAID disk. Since I read it on many websites, I decided to write this article to help you out with better solutions.

Let us consider a real time scenario: “A friend of mine deleted a folder with hundreds of files and sub folders from RAID drive. The total space of RAID is 4TB and its condition is healthy. Is there any way to recover deleted files from RAID drive? Awaiting for your response!!”

When you realize that your important files from RAID disk has been unintentionally deleted then you will have that sinking feeling. However, things are not always smooth sailing so it pays to understand the limitations. Firstly of all, if the area of the RAID drive occupied by deleted files are available for reuse, Windows will eventually overwrite them with new files and once that happens, your data is vanished completely. Sooner you realize that you have erased files fro RAID, the better your chances of recovering it. When you notice your loss, don't save any new files to the disk until you recover those files from it.

Some other major causes for file deletion:

Have you encountered any of the above mentioned situations by mistake and trying to know a simple solution to recover files from RAID partition? No need to worry, by using reliable file recovery product you can easily retrieve files from it easily.

Salient features of file recovery product:

Yodot File Recovery tool can easily restore deleted files from RAID drive on Windows OS without any trouble. This utility is capable to recover deleted Outlook PST file, MS Office doc, PDF files, compressed files, generic media files (images, songs and videos) and other various file types, along with lost files. It can retrieve files from various portable devices, flash drives, memory cards, SSD and other drives. It is not required to worry about the safety of the tool, because it is read-only and virus free to use. It can restore deleted files from various other versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Server 2003. If you are satisfied with the output obtained from demo version of this tool, you can buy the product to activate 'Save Recovery Session' and store recovered files on Windows system. By using Pro version of this software you can recover data from RAID partition which is deleted, failed, damaged, etc.

Step by step procedure to use the tool:

Suggested Points:

  • Check twice or thrice before deleting multiple files from drives
  • Take backup of important files that you don’t want to lose

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