Retrieving Deleted Files Saved on Desktop

“Hi everyone, I am here in hope of getting a solution for my problem. My computer had become very slow and when I checked, I realized that there were number of files saved on desktop; I used to copy files on desktop for easy access. This resulted in accumulation of huge amount of files on desktop. I moved few important files to partitions on computer hard drive and deleted rest of junk files. When I checked for a vital file on which I had to work, it was not there in my computer; it got deleted along with unwanted files on desktop. Could you please let me know if there is a way to recover deleted files saved on desktop? Thanks in advance…”

Desktop of computer is the easily accessible location on your system. This tempts you to save files and use them on desktop when you want to have a quick access to data containing in particular file. However, frequently saving files on desktop and usage them might can put you in trouble sometimes. There are many instances for deleting saved files on desktop as given below:

  • Emptying Recycle Bin: Recycle Bin folder holds all deleted files from any location of your computer including desktop. You might have forgot to restore deleted saved files from desktop and emptied Recycle Bin without glancing files residing in it
  • Shift + Deleting: Using Shift + Delete keys to delete files saved on desktop erases them forever and you will lose important data in deleted files
  • Deleted from Command prompt: Files will bypass Recycle Bin when deleted using Command prompt. You might have deleted few of your important files saved on desktop from Command prompt

If you had any important files in collection of deleted files from desktop, then that makes you worry a lot. However, you can restore deleted files saved on desktop hard drive using Yodot File Recovery software.

Deleted file recovery software:

Yodot File Recovery is the best software to recover deleted files that are saved on your Windows computer desktops. This program can retrieve MS Office documents, archive files, PDF files, basic media file types and other file formats from your desktop. Other than files, you also get back folders from desktop after accidental deletion. This utility supports recovering files from computer and laptop hard disks installed with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 OS versions. Including recovery of deleted file or folder from desktop, this application even helps you in restoring files after disk cleanup, formatting, corruption etc on PC or laptop internal hard drives, external hard drives, flash drives and other storage media easily.

Steps to recover deleted files saved on desktop:

  • Download Deleted file recovery software and install it on your PC
  • Run installed tool and select “Deleted File Recovery” option from main screen
  • Then select icon of computer hard drive and click on “Next”
  • Software scans for files deleted from your computer and exhibits result in “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview media files by selecting each file and clicking on “Preview” option
  • Select files which were deleted from computer desktop that you want to save and click on “Next”
  • Browse a location on your computer hard drive or on an external drive to save recovered files


  • Scan for viruses on your computer using antivirus software on a regular basis
  • Decide frequency of auto backup and schedule the process depending on how often you store files on computer

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