How to Recover Deleted Files - Ultimate Guide

Updated on January 7, 2020

Acciental deletion of files from a PC, Mac or from other storage devices like memory card, external hard drive, USB flash drive, etc. is a very common disaster that occur with computer users. Unfortunately, many of us are still unaware on how to recover deleted files from the storage drive.

When it comes to a Windows or Mac computers, the deleted files will be moved to Recycle Bin or Trash folder. Luckily, we can restore them back to their original location from the Recycle Bin or Trash folder. But, what if you have deleted the files permanenttly from the Trash and Recycle Bin folder? Also, just imaging, if you have deleted the files from USB flash drive, memory card, and other storage devices, as the files deleted from these devices will be lost permanently. Just relax, and continue reading to know how to recover deleted files from Windows/Mac or any other storage device..!

How to Recover Deleted Files without Using Recovery Tools?

Method 1: Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin is the first place to look for recovering deleted files on the computer. Probably, you might have already done this. If not, then do it now.

Just open the Recycle Bin, find and right-click on your deleted file, which you Click on Restore button. The deleted file will be moved to the original folder.

If you have emptied Recycle Bin after deleting files or deleted files using Shift + Delete keys/Command Prompt, then you cannot recover files from Recycle Bin. So, try the next method.

Method 2: Backup

If you have maintained regular data backup on an external storage device like a portable hard disk, flash drive etc. then, check the backup copy and try to find your deleted files. If you are enough lucky to manage backup of deleted files, then it’s well and good. If not, follow the next technique.

Method 3: Previous Version

Previous versions are the copies of files and folders automatically saved by Windows. So, when a file or folder is deleted, you can use these previous versions and recover the deleted files. To recover deleted files using Windows Previous versions,

  • Select the folder where your deleted file was located and right-click on it
  • Choose Restore previous versions from the menu
  • You will see a list of available previous versions of the selected folder
  • Choose the appropriate previous version (which containing your deleted file) of the folder and restore it (For instance, if you deleted the file today, choose a version of the folder created yesterday)

You can also open previous versions (most recent one) created by Windows and search your deleted file. Once you find, drag the file that you want to restore to another location (onto the desktop or another folder).

If, you have deleted files from portable storage drives like memory card, external hard drive, flash drive etc. then Recycle Bin and Previous versions won’t help you in recovering files.

So, how to recover deleted files when they are deleted permanently (using cmd or hard delete) or from portable drives when no backup is available? Never give up! Still, you can restore deleted files.

In fact, when a file is deleted from the storage media, what OS does is it just removes the entry of deleted files from the File System and put a Delete tag in place. This makes the deleted file invisible and shows its space as free for use. At this moment, you can easily restore deleted files by rebuilding the file directory using deleted files recovery software. Only thing is you should stop using the device, to avoid data overwriting; until you use software to recover deleted files.

Video Guide on How to Recover Deleted Files:

Recovery of deleted files: Here is how to retrieve deleted files when you have no backup saved or no restore points created.

Yodot File Recovery - Free Tool to Recover Deleted Files

When all the aabove mentioned manual methods fail to bring back the deleted files, then you can rely on Yodot File Recovery program. Yodot File Recovery software scans the storage drive deeply, and fetches all your deleted files in a couple of minutes. The tool recovers doucments, images, videos, music files, and many more file formats with utmost ease. Moreover, the software is available for free download, just get it and follow the on-screen instructions given below to restore deleted files.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Stop using the storage drive as soon as you notice that the files are deleted from it. If you overwrite new files on the deleted files memory space, then you can't recover deleted files back. So, immediately stop using the hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, etc. in order to regain your files back.

Instructions on How to Recover Deleted Files with Yodot:

Step 1: Install Yodot File Recovery software on your system. (not on the partition/drive where you deleted files). If you have deleted files from the external storage device, then connect it to deleted files recovery software installed computer.

Step 2: Run the tool and select Deleted File Recovery option on the recovery wizard.

Select Deleted File Recovery

Step 3: Select the drive from where you deleted files.

Choose Drive

Step 4: Specify file types of your deleted data to recover from the selected storage drive else hit Skip button if you wish to restore all deleted files from it.

Specify File Types to Recover

Step 5: Go through the recovered files in File Type View or Data View and select your required one.

File Type View or Data View

Step 6: Select and Preview your restored files to validate the deleted files recovery process.


Step 7: Finally, browse the destination location (not on the same drive from where you recovered deleted files) to Save your recovered data.



  • Check twice or trice before emptying the Recycle Bin on your computer
  • Backup all important files on multiple storage devices

Restore lost or inaccessible files...

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