How to Recover Deleted Folder from Windows 10?

Updated on February 26, 2020

Human errors are a major cause for data loss from windows computers/laptops. To be frankly speaking, human failures cause data loss more than the hardware failures, and external threats like viruses and hackers. Accidental deletion of files and folders on all Windows OS including Windows 10 is the major reason for data loss.

Have you ever deleted an important file or a folder on Windows 10? If the deleted file or a folder is not removed from the Recycle Bin folder, then no issues, as you can easily restore it back. The problem arises, if you have deleted an important file or a folder accidentaly, and removed it permanently from the Recycle Bin folder. If the deleted folder or a file is removed from the Recycle Bin or emptied Recycle Bin folder, still you can recover deleted folder in Windows 10 with Yodot File Recovery software, unless the deleted file or a folder is not replaced with new file on it's location on the hard drive. Before going on with Yodot File Recovery tool let's try to recover deleted folder Windows 10 manually with some free methods given below.

Open approaches to restore erased folders from Windows 10:

Below given free methods will help you to get back deleted folders on Windows 10 system:

Restore deleted folders from Recycle Bin: As you know, normally erased files and folders move to Recycle Bin. To accomplish recovery from Recycle Bin, just open the Recycle Bin folder, select folder then right click and ‘Restore’.

Restore folder from Windows backup: To retrieve folder from a backup, click on Start button, click on Control Panel then click System and Maintenance finally click on Backup and Restore.

You might sometimes fail to retrieve deleted folder from your Windows 10 computer by following above mentioned methods. In such situation you need to get help from file recovery application. Just try the demo version of Yodot File Recovery application, it will allow you to restore music folder, videos, compressed files and various types of lost and deleted folder files.

Recover deleted folder in Windows 10 with Yodot File Recovery Tool:

Yodot File Recovery software will help you to get back all files and folders, deleted or disappeared from your system. User friendly interface of this tool makes recovery process easier by providing simple instructions. It works in read-only mode and never affects original data. Additionally, this restoration tool provides different views, which makes file assortment easy after recovering data. It can also recover folder files from emptied Recycle Bin, different types of hard drives, portable devices and so on. The extended version of this program can easily recover folders from formatted drive. Application supports on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. Download free editions right below.

Before you start recovering deleted folder on Windows 10.. Please stop using the drive or a partition from where the files or folders are deleted in order to avoid the overwriting of the files. If the meory space on the drive that ws occupid by the file/folder deleted, is replaced with new file, then the folder/file recovery becomes highly difficult task.

Recover deleted folder from Windows 10 – Simple procedure:

  • Download Yodot File Recovery tool by clicking on Download button
  • Install the program and run it
  • Click 'Deleted File Recovery' button from main screen
  • Select the drive from where you want to restore erased folder, the tool starts to scan and displays all deleted folder files
  • To easily navigate through recoverable files, make use of two view options that is 'Data View' and ‘File Type View’
  • Verify recovered files from the list and save it to target location


  • Cross check the Recycle Bin folder for important data before emptying it
  • Maintain regular backup of essential files
  • Mac users can use Yodot Mac File Recovery application to recover deleted folder on Mac OS machines.

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