How to Get Back Excel Files?

MS Excel is a popular spreadsheet application, which is commonly used for storing, organizing and managing data. You can prepare other business related documents like work report sheets, bank statement, sales and purchase statement, etc. Therefore, MS Excel has become an essential part of all businesses and organizations. However one problem that users often face is data loss i.e. their important Excel sheet can get deleted or go missing for any cause. This problem becomes a big dilemma if you do not take a positive action.

Let us take a practical example to elaborate it. One fine morning, you started your system to work on your excel sheet. You were adding the data about the customer on it. But while working, your system got shutdown due to power fluctuation. In fact, you were almost done with the data entry part when the power failure occurred. Now after an anxious wait for the power to come back, you switched on the system in order to complete your work but for your surprise! You noticed that some of files including your excel report sheet are missing from your hard drive. You have lost the excel sheet containg customers data but it had also contined other valuable data. So is it possible to get all those data back? Well, no more worries, as luckily there have been huge advances in technology that lead to the development of data recovery programs to get your deleted/lost files back.

However, apart from above factor, there are several other factors which are could lead to the disappearance of XLS/XLSX spreadsheets from your drive. Some of them are:

  • Mistakenly deleting Excel Sheets: If you delete excel documents using delete keys, you can easily restore it from Recycle Bin. But if you use “Shift + Delete” keys to delete it, then it bypasses the Recycle Bin rather than storing in it
  • Deleting excel files from external drive: Likewise, if you accidentally erase files from external storage drives, they won’t get moved to Recycle Bin and there is no option provided to restore your excel spreadsheets
  • Excel sheet loss due to formatting: Sometimes you may format the drive containing your important Excel sheets by mistake or to gte rid of drive corruption and formatting errors. If you had forget to take its backup of vital files, then you will lose not only XLSX files, but also the other files present on your hard drive
  • Storage drive corruption: File system corruption due to virus infections, incorrect data operations on storage drive or others issues can corrupt your drive and delete excel files from it

Software to recover Microsoft Excel files:

As mentioned above you can get back not only excel sheets but also all the files which you lost due to accidental deletion, formatting etc. All you need to do is, you have to opt for any good recovery software like Deleted files recovery. This software has all the features that helps one to retrieve MS Office files such as .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .ppt, etc. This software provides search option by making use of which you can easily search for excel documents and recover it. You can be rest assured to download this software as it is safe to use and 100% virus free.

Directions to use the software

  • Download Yodot File Recovery software and install it to your computer
  • Now run it and start the recovery by following the steps which you can see on the screen
  • On the main window, you can see two options i.e “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose “Deleted File recovery” if you want to recover the files that got deleted accidentally
  • Select “Lost File Recovery” if you lost it due to power failure, formatting, reformatting etc.
  • As soon as you click on the option, the software displays all the drives present in your computer
  • Select the drive from where you want to recover excel sheets
  • Soon after selecting a drive you can see the progress of scanning on the screen
  • After scanning process gets completed, you can see all the files present in the drive
  • Search for the excel files that you want to recover and press “Next” to continue
  • On the next window you can see all the recoverable files. Choose the files that you need to recover and again click on “Next”
  • Finally save the recovered files in a desired location

Precautions to be taken to protect your data

  • Always use “Delete” key while deleting excel sheets because if you find it important, you can easily restore it from Recycle Bin
  • Make use of any good antivirus software so that you can eliminate the virus
  • Take the backup of files before deleting
  • Stop using your system after data loss
  • Do not add recovered files on the original location from where you lost xlsx files

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