Recover Files Lost from Windows Easy Transfer

Windows Easy Transfer is the Microsoft file transfer program intended to move files and user settings between different Windows computers. User can move personal files, settings, user accounts, emails, folders, pictures and application configuration data stored files between computers assisting in OS migrate process. However, both source and destination systems should be of same OS type, i.e. either 32-bit or 64-bit. Windows Easy Transfer was introduced as inbuilt utility from Windows 2000 and later OS versions. Transfer of files using Windows Easy Transfer can be performed in the following ways:

  • using Easy Transfer cable
  • across a network
  • using removable storage device like USB flash drive or external hard disk

How data will be lost during transfer process using Windows Easy Transfer?

While transferring files in the above mentioned ways, there are chances of losing the files due to reasons like:

  • Disconnection of transfer cable between the systems
  • Sudden power surge to the computer from which files are being moved
  • Unexpected removal of external storage drive before files are completely transferred
  • Trying to transfer files between system with different OS types like from 64bit OS Windows computer to 32-bit OS

In the above scenarios, files can become lost or missing from computer using Windows Easy Transfer program to move files. Fortunately, lost files won’t be removed from computer drive immediately. They still reside in the same memory location, losing its visibility and index pointer. Hence, if user won’t save new data to this system, lost files can be easily retrieved.

How to recover files from Windows Easy Transfer?

By utilizing predefined tool like Yodot File Recovery one can easily recover missing or lost files from Windows Easy Transfer. This program is built to rescue deleted as well as lost files from Windows computers after various data loss scenarios. It can regain MS Office files, basic media files, archive files, PDF files, etc. from system hard drive, USB flash drive, external hard disk, FireWire drive, memory cards and other storage components. Also, this tool is flexible to work on laptops or desktop systems installed with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Server 2008 and Windows Vista OS versions.

Procedural steps to use Yodot File Recovery program:

  • Download and install the software on your Windows computer from where files are lost
  • Run the utility by clicking on its shortcut icon or from Start menu
  • From main screen, click on Lost File Recovery option to proceed next
  • Further, select the partition from which files are lost while transferring using Windows Easy Transfer
  • Software performs a scan on selected partition and retrieves the files that were lost just in seconds
  • Have a look at rescued files by toggling between Data view and File Type view options
  • At last, save the restored files to new destination location by clicking on Save button

Necessary Tips:

  • Before transferring files between computers have a better backup
  • Do not cause interruptions during any file transfer process
  • Know complete steps to perform file transfer with Windows Easy Transfer before using it