Restore Folders from Desktop

“Hi, my computer system’s performance was going down because of huge data saved on desktop location. Therefore, I moved some folders with essential files from desktop to other location on computer and deleted remaining folders with data, which is not much of importance from desktop. After deletion, when I checked for a folder on the location to which I had moved folders I could not find it. I might have forgotten to move that particular folder and had deleted with other unwanted folders on desktop. Please help me in getting back folder from desktop. I do not have backup of the deleted folder which consisted of lot of valuable files.”

You can save files and shortcuts on desktop of your computer. If multiple accounts are there on the system then each user account will have a desktop folder. Desktop files and folders will be saved usually in ‘C:\Users\UserAccountName\Desktop’ location. As mentioned in the above scenario, it is quite common to keep your desktop clean by removing files and folders from it. There are lots of other scenarios in which desktop folders will be lost; few are as given below for your reference:

  • Virus infection to desktop folder may change the folder to hidden format and you lose data in it
  • When you reformat the computer drive to change its file system, then all files on the drive will be deleted including desktop folders
  • You may reinstall OS when it is not functioning properly Folders will be lost in that case if you forget to backup folders on computer’s desktop
  • If computer shuts down suddenly then there are chances of damage to file system of computer hard disk where all information of files and folders would have been saved. In such situation the information of folders on desktop might be lost

However you need not bother about deleted or lost folders from computer desktop. The folder will still be present on physical drive of computer but only the pointers to its stored memory location would be removed. Hence with the usage of reliable data restoration software like Yodot File Recovery, you can find folders from desktop.

Desktop folder recovery tool:

As mentioned above, Yodot File Recovery is the best tool to restore folders from desktop on Windows OS based computers and laptops. It has capability to recognize different files like MS Office documents, archive files, PDF files, basic media files and other file types from computer hard drive and other removal storage drives. You can get back deleted, lost missing and formatted folders from the system desktop by using this utility. This program helps you to find files and folders from emptied Recycle Bin, Control Panel, Library and other folders on your computer’s hard drive. Try this application today to discover other features and speed of file recovery on your Windows computers working with newer version of operating system like Windows 8 and other older versions like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Steps to recover folder from desktop:

  • Download Yodot File Recovery software and install it on your Windows computer
  • Run the tool to get main screen from which you can navigate to next screen by selecting “Lost File Recovery” or “Deleted File Recovery” option
  • Select the drive in which desktop folder was located, commonly it will be ‘C:\’ and click on “Next”
  • Software starts scanning and displays the recovered folders in few minutes in “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • View the restored folders and files; save required folders which was deleted or lost from desktop
  • Use Save option to save recovered folders on a drive other than scanned one


  • Do not keep any important file or folder on desktop of computer it is like making a way for data loss
  • Keep your computer clean from viruses by installing a powerful anti-virus software

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