Retrieving Lost Data from USB Memory Stick

“Hello everyone, I just lost files from my memory stick. It had very crucial files of which I have no backup. This unforeseen data disaster happened as I abruptly removed USB stick connected on my desktop before file transfer process got completed. So, how can I restore lost files from my USB memory stick? Please suggest me appropriate way out from this situation.”

USB Memory Stick or simply flash drive is the most frequently used portable storage media on various devices and computers exclusively for data transfer process. There are wide varieties of memory sticks available with different storage capacities and physical shapes. Popular manufacturers of USB memory Stick are Sony, SanDisk, Lexar, Transcend, Kingston and so on. However, while transferring files from USB Stick, users might experience file loss in number of ways.

Few commonly incurred file loss scenarios with USB memory stick are:

  • Unexpectedly removing USB stick from system in between file transfer process
  • Virus intrusion to USB memory stick by connecting it to malware affected computer can make certain files invisible on it
  • After connecting a USB memory stick to computer, users perform antivirus scan. Use of unreliable antivirus tool may sometimes delete few files from USB stick
  • Wrong usage of USB stick like using it on multiple operating systems or different gadgets, saving data when there is insufficient free memory on memory stick can result in loss or inaccessibility of files preserved on it
  • USB Memory Stick may show 0 bytes data error due to logical errors that causes complete loss of files from the memory stick

Instances mentioned above are the most commonly seen scenarios of losing files from USB memory sticks. Thus, it’s quite natural to think over how to recover lost data from a USB memory stick? There is no need to worry because no file will be lost permanently until new data is stored on victim USB stick after data loss. With the help of excellent file restoration software lost data from USB Memory Stick can be recovered with ease.

USB Stick Lost data recovery tool:

Yodot File Recovery is the best utility to regain lost files from USB memory stick after any severe data loss scenario. This file retrieval tool includes unique signature search to identify each and every lost file from USB Stick with FAT32 and ExFAT file systems. This data recovery tool can recover files from other storage devices like system hard drives, external hard disks, memory cards and FireWire drive, etc formatted with FAT16, NTFS, ReFS, NTFS5 file systems. Further, this USB memory stick tool can be used to bring back data from various brands of USB drives on computers and laptops installed with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows Vista operating systems.

Guidelines to accomplish USB memory stick lost file recovery:

  • Download the software on a Windows computer and connect your USB memory stick from which data is lost to this system
  • Install the tool by following given instructions and launch it
  • A main window opens up showing two options “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Click on lost File Recovery option to retrieve lost data from USB stick
  • After clicking next software shows all the drives associated with the system
  • Click and select the drive representing USB memory Stick
  • Now software scans the memory stick to regain lost files within few seconds
  • Restored files will get displayed under Data View / File Type View
  • Examine the recovered files and save them to specified destination location on host computer drive

Important Note:

  • Never save recovered files to same USB memory Stick on which recovery was performed
  • Always hold proper backup of necessary files from USB memory stick without fail
  • Avoid mishandling and abrupt ejection of memory stick from computer and other gadgets

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