How to Get Back Lost Computer Files?

“Please help!! I ran into a big trouble by losing few important files from my Windows desktop. It all happened due to a simple mistake of mine. I wanted to move very important files from C drive to F drive and while doing so I used Cut and paste options. But, before the process got complete system shutdown due to power shortage. Later, when power resumed I noticed that all my crucial files that I tried to move were lost from the source location. Can anyone please tell me how to retrieve lost files on PC? Any suggestions would be of great help.”

Losing files from computer is the most commonly occurring scenario among most of the users. Users undergo various instances in which crucial files from PC go missing or lost within a blank of second. Similar to the above mentioned example, there are other instances too that will result in loss of important files from Windows desktops. They are:

  • Severe virus infection to system hard drive can sometimes cause loss of certain files
  • Using unreliable third party utilities like defragmentation tool, unknown antivirus software, partitioning tool, etc. might cause loss of files from PC with or without user notice
  • Following incorrect steps while performing system operations like repartitioning, OS reinstallation, uninstalling / installing applications on system can also lead to loss of crucial files from system
  • Presence of bad sectors on desktop hard drive and file system corruption can lead to the same
  • In some scenarios, files from PC can also be lost due to disk not formatted error, partition corruption, hard drive crash, etc.

When files are lost from desktop in any of these instances, it is not lost forever. All the files still reside in the same memory location until and unless new data is saved on to that system drive. This is because, losing doesn’t mean that computer will remove the file permanently. However, lost file will be made invisible to the operating system by erasing its index pointer in registry entry. Thus, the memory space where the file was stored will be marked as free space to save new data. Hence, if any new files are saved on the system after file loss scenario, then data overwriting occurs and it reduces the chances of complete recovery of lost files.

Want to know how to rescue lost files on PC?

Yodot File Recovery is the best utility to recover lost files from computer with much ease. The software rigorously scans the storage memory restores lost files on PC after any kind of file loss situation. It is capable of retrieving files like documents, excel sheets, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, text, executable files, program files, etc. on Windows system hard drives. More to this, the software can also regain deleted files from system drives, external hard drive, USB pen drive and other notable storage devices with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file systems. One can utilize this tool on major Windows OS systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

Recovery steps for lost files from desktop:

  • Download the software to a new partition on your Windows PC from which files are lost
  • Install and launch the utility by following onscreen steps
  • In the main screen, choose ‘Lost File Recovery’ option and proceed next
  • Further, in the upcoming screen select the partition in which lost files were previously located
  • Now, click on Next to start with the recovery process
  • Software scans the selected partition for lost files within few seconds and displays the result
  • A list of all restored files will get displayed under Data view and File Type view options
  • Make your selection for required files and proceed to save it by clicking on Save button

Important Note:

  • Always have proper backup of crucial files from PC on external storage devices
  • Do not perform incorrect procedures while dealing with important files
  • Use authenticated antivirus software to be free from unexpected file loss

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