How to Recover Lost Files - A Do It Yourself Guide

Updated on February 6, 2020

Losing important files and folders from computer/laptop, external hard drive, memory card, Pen drive, and other USB storage devices would be really annoying to anyone. We lose our valuable files due to various reasons like accidental deletion, virus infection on the storage drive, bad sectors, file system corruption, storage device crash/failure, etc. Whatever may be the reason, at the end of the day we are in huge loss.

Now, the question is how to recover lost files? Just remain calm, and continue reading to find answer for your query. The files that are deleted or lost from your storage device has not gone permanently. Once any file or a folder is deleted, the memory space occupied by the file/folder is freed up for storing new file. Untill and unless that memory space is not occupied by the new file, you can recover that file/folder with reliable data recovery tool like Yodot File Recovery. To know how to recover lost files with Yodot File Recovery tool, keep reading..!

Caution: Don’t add any new file on the drive from where you lost your files. If the lost or deleted files are not overwritten with new files, you can recover your files back with utmost ease.

Yodot File Recovery to Recover Lost Files..!

Yodot File Recovery is an ideal tool to restore erased and lost files on computer/laptop, memory card, external hard drive, pen drive, and other USB mass storage devices. The tool is designed with advanced scanning algorithms that scans each and every sector of your storage device, and extracts all your data files in a fraction of seconds. The tool is available for free download! Just download, and install it on your computer, and follow few on-screen instructions given below to recover your lost/deleted files.

Note: Don’t install the software on drive/partition from where you lost files. If your files are missing from external storage devices, then connect the drive to system using USB, on which you have installed software.

Step-By-Step Guide to Recover Lost Files:

Step 1: Launch Yodot File Recovery software and select Lost File Recovery option on the main recovery wizard.

Choose Lost File Recovery

Step 2: Select the drive/partition from where your files are missing.

Select Drive

Step 3: Specify your lost file types to recover them from the selected storage drive. If you wish to restore lost files, then hit Skip button.

Specify File Types to Recover

Step 4: In File Type View or Data View you can find the files which are lost. Go through the list and select your required files.

File Type View or Data View

Step 5: Preview your recovered files to confirm the lost file recovery process.


Step 6: At last, select new destination location (not on the same drive/partition from where you recovered lost files) to Save restored data.


More About Yodot File Recovery Software:

There are numerous file recovery tools and data recovery services available online. But, this Yodot data recovery software, assuredly helps you in recovering data like lost Word, Excel, Database, PowerPoint, Access and many program files from your Windows computer. Not only internal drive, the tool even supports external storage drives such as pen drives, external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, etc. which you use to store your files (Except CD DVD and Floppy Disk).

You can even make use of this software in future if you lose your files. Not just lost files, even accidentally deleted, formatted, inaccessible data can be effortlessly recovered with the help of this recovery tool.

The program runs flawlessly on all versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10. And, a well versed technical support team will be at your help round the clock. Thus, you can effortlessly restore your lost files without any complication. Also. Mac compatible edition of this file recovery software is available to serve OS X users.

To know how many files, you have lost without your knowledge and how to recover them, just download free trial version of the software. If you are pleased with the results it provides, then buy this tool to save all your restored files.

These are the reasons behind data loss from our storage drives:

While a computer crash, sudden power surge etc. are the most common way where you lose files. But, there are many other risks that lead to lost or missing files. They are,

  • One of the root causes for losing files without any warning is malware attack. It is capable of destroying application, corrupting files, altering preferences and even erasing files or whole programs
  • Sometimes your computer may automatically restart due to the software malfunction. At that moment, you may lose your files which were open before restarting
  • If you download and install any unauthorized software to your computer, then it might erase few files from your computer and make you lose them
  • You will lose files from external storage media like pen drive, memory card, memory stick etc. as a result of improper removal and unexpected interruption while transferring or viewing data in your computer

Helpful Suggestions:

  • As your computer may shutdown anytime due to unknown reasons, it is recommended to backup entire data (or important files at least) into an external hard drive
  • Close all files before shutting down your computer
  • Keep antivirus software updated so that Windows computer does not get affected by viruses

Recover permanentally or accidently deleted files...

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