Missing File Recovery

A file is a collection of information which can be saved on a computer and can be executed at any time. Generally everyone prefers to store their crucial information in the form of files on computer. These files can be of anything including your business documents or personal data such as music, pictures and video clips. Sometimes these files can go missing without giving any prior warning, at such moments people get upset and find ways to recover missing files.

If you are stuck in such a situation, then follow the below steps to search for your missing file because the file you lost must have been accidentally moved to a new location. To find the missing file, use “Search” option from the upper right corner of Windows explorer in Vista and 7.If you are using XP, select Start->Search. If you still don’t find that missing file, then it might have been lost due to any of the below mentioned scenarios:

  • File was infected by virus and removed by antivirus program without your knowledge
  • File system conversion from FAT to NTFS or from NTFS to exFAT
  • Power failure when file was in use
  • Improper system termination when file was in use
  • Formatting the device or drive accidentally that contained the files

Note: Every time you add any new data to your hard drive, the chance of recovery reduces. So avoid using your system after any kind of data loss state.

However you can still employ two methods to recover your missing files back. Try the first one, if it doesn’t work, then you can go for the second one.

1. Restore files from backup

This is one of the safest and efficient way to recover your missing files, follow the below steps to recover file from backup
Click on “Start” button->Open “Control Panel” from the menu->Click “System and Security” and Select “Backup and Restore” option->Click restore my files, and follow the onscreen procedures.

However this method fails to recover your missing files if you don’t have an updated backup.

2. Using an efficient file recovery software to recovery your files

File Recovery software such as Yodot File Recovery is a great utility to recover missing files on Windows. The software is built in such way that it identifies and recovers not only missing but also deleted files. The tool recovers files from all kind of storage devices including hard disk, USB drives, pen drives, music players and so on.

Steps to recover missing files

  • Download Yodot File Recovery and install it to your system although not on the drive from where you are recovering from
  • Open the application and follow the procedures
  • Use “Lost File Recovery” option to rescue your missing files
  • Choose the drive from where files are to be retrieved
  • The software scans and displays all the recoverable files from the selected drive
  • View the recovered files in two view types i.e. data view and file type view
  • Switch between the two views to search, and select the desired files you want to recover
  • Preview the files before saving them
  • Browse for the destination location to save your recovered data but not to the one from where you are recovering from
  • You can also compress your files before saving to save memory

Things to Remember

  • Install a powerful antivirus software to remove deadly viruses
  • After any kind of file loss situation it is recommended to stop using the system
  • Protect your important files by making them as read only
  • Back up your important data before performing format, OS installation or file system conversion

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