Recovering My Documents Folder from Hard Drive

“I had recently moved My Documents folder to desktop. As there were too many icons present on the desktop, I had to delete some of them. While doing so I accidentally included My Documents folder and used the Shift + Delete key which permanently removed all items from desktop. I am in need of the data that present in My Documents folder. I have used the system restore option, but it didn’t help a bit. Please help! As these documents are urgently required”

Windows is the most commonly used operating system around the world for its simple user interface and performance. Every newly released Windows operating system comes with many interesting features so those users perform tasks with ease. Irrespective of OS installed, My Documents folder is the default folder present every Windows computer. This folder can store your pictures, music files and it also manages the files that you download.

What causes loss of My Documents folder from hard drive?

  • Unintentional Formatting: There are many chances that logical drive gets formatted accidentally, which wipes out My Documents folder along with other files that were saved in it. This may happen during OS installation process or when performing partitioning procedure
  • Antivirus Application: Some of the antivirus applications that are installed in the computer may delete valuable data from your My Documents folder without confirmation, which can cause loss of important information which was saved in it
  • Interruption during Transfer process: Certain interruptions might occur while transferring files from My Documents folder to external storage devices like abrupt removal of storage media or when there is sudden system shutdown, etc due to may cause loss of data

Above mentioned are some of the scenarios that cause deletion or loss of My Documents folder from system. You may encounter other faults that may take out data present in My Documents folder. No need to worry at all. As permanent file loss has not taken place, you can use Yodot File Recovery tool to restore information from My Document folder.

My Document Folder Recovery Tool

Yodot File Recovery is an appropriate application specifically designed to restore information lost or deleted from My Documents folder on Windows OS. It recovered various types of MS Office files, archive files, PDF files, images and other media files from system hard drive. Apart from recovery of data from hard drive, you can restore deleted or lost files from pen drives, external hard drives, memory cards and other storage drives on Windows operating system.

Simple steps to get back My Documents Folder:

  • Download and install Yodot File Recovery application on Windows system by logging in as local system administrator
  • On completion of installation process, launch the recovery tool using shortcut icon and proceed with instructions provided on the main screen
  • Options present on the main screen are Deleted File Recovery and Lost File Recovery
  • Click on either of options that has resulted in loss of My Documents Folder and then go to next screen where drives are listed
  • After selecting the drive, Yodot File Recovery tool scans it and lists the files that were deleted or lost from My Documents folder
  • The recovered files are listed in Data View and File Type View
  • At last, select the files that needs to be saved on the destination location as desired by the user

Useful Information:

  • Follow proper procedure during shutdown of your computer
  • Avoid abrupt removal of external storage media during file transfer
  • Keep backup of data in separate external hard drive

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