Restore Compressed Files from NTFS Drive

Compression is a technique which is often used for compressing one or more files on a computer hard disk. Files and folders on NTFS drive are mainly compressed in order to save disk space, there are many third party recovery tools using which you can compress files such as WinZip, WinRAR, 7Z etc. This is one of the most convenient ways to store and organize data on a computer. There are lots of advantages by compressing a file or folder; it reduces transmission time over internet significantly, it protects sensitive and important data from virus or other malwares and you can send executable (.exe) files after compressing it.

But just like any other ordinary files, it is very easy to lose compressed files due to accidental deletion or any other reason. For instance, while deleting few unwanted files from NTFS you accidentally delete a compressed file which contained your important documents, audio files, video clips, pictures etc. However the good news is that the deleted or lost compressed files can be retrieved back. Before moving on to the recovery procedure, let us see some of the other reasons for compressed file loss from NTFS drive:

  • Human Errors: Human mistakes are the most common reason for loss of NTFS compressed files.You may accidentally erase a compressed file using “Shift + Del” keys or using command prompt
  • Formatting: Formatting is another reason for loss of compressed files from NTFS partition, many users format their NTFS partition to overcome virus infection or corruption problem which result in complete data loss from NTFS drive including the compressed files
  • Changing File System: Conversion of file system from NTFS to NTFS5 is also a reason behind compressed file loss from computer
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons include power failure while transferring compressed files, network inconsistency while uploading a compressed file, OS malfunction, NTFS partition error and many more

If you have encountered any of the above stated scenarios and lost your important compressed files from NTFS drive? Then no need to get upset, you can easily retrieve compressed NTFS files using powerful file recovery software like Yodot File Recovery.

Compressed NTFS file recovery software:

Yodot File Recovery is among the best file recovery application for Windows users who have accidentally deleted or lost files from their PC hard drive. The application retrieves files lost or deleted compressed containing your songs, pictures, documents, office files, etc. from NTFS hard disk with ease. Other than NTFS partition, the program is capable of recovering data from drives formatted with FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, vFAT and ReFS file systems systems. So you can rescue files from memory cards, portable hard drives, pen drives, etc on Windows system. Furthermore the software is available for free trail download, using which you can estimate the performance of the program and if satisfied you can go for the licensed version.

NTFS compressed file recovery procedure:

  • Download and install Yodot File Recovery software to your Windows computer
  • Run the software and stick to the main screen procedures
  • Use "Deleted File Recovery" option to rescue your deleted compressed files or use "Lost File Recovery" option to retrieve your missing compressed files
  • The software scans the whole computer and shows all the NTFS partitions
  • Choose the NTFS partition from where files are to be recovered from and click “Next”
  • The software scans again and displays all the recoverable files, choose the one which you would like to recover and click on "Next"
  • Browse for the destination location to store your rescued files

Things to Remember:

  • Never use any third party applications to compress your important files
  • Assign password to your compressed files
  • Stop using your Windows computer after data loss scenario