How to Recover Microsoft PowerPoint File?

“Few days before, I was working on an assignment which required lot of animation, images, creativity etc; so PowerPoint was the right tool for my project. I completed eight slides in my PPT file and decided to transfer the file to my pen drive and while transferring file my system turned off unexpectedly. When I rebooted my Windows machine, I found nothing on my pen drive as well as on my computer. I don’t know the reason behind the abnormal system shutdown, but my important PowerPoint file was lost. Is there a way to get back the lost PowerPoint presentation?”

Above is one situation where most of Windows users lose few of their crucial files. With respect to the data contained in that file, deletion or loss of particular file can be a nightmare for most of the users. However, no need to get terrified as these files are not lost / gone forever, they are just invisible from system interface and they are recoverable. Before finding out how it is possible, let us see some of the common reasons for deletion or loss of MS PowerPoint files.

  • Deletion from External Storage Media: You may delete your PowerPoint file by mistake while erasing useless files from external storage drive like pen drives, external hard drive, etc. where deleted files bypass Windows Recycle Bin and get lost
  • Deleting from Computer HDD: By chance you could have erased the folder containing your PowerPoint file rather than other folder by using “Shift + Delete” keys
  • Power Failure: Power failure while modifying or transferring your PowerPoint file from one drive to another storage drive can results in PPT file loss
  • Formatting: Formatting the hard disk partition or external storage drive containing your PowerPoint file without taking backup
  • Virus Infection: Virus infection on computer leads to file system corruption and in turn leads to loss of PPT file

How to Get Back PowerPoint Files?

Yodot File Recovery is very good Microsoft PowerPoint file recovery software, which allows you to recover both deleted and missing PPT/PPTX/PPS files. The tool supports recovery of PowerPoint file which are lost after an unexpected data loss scenario. Other than PowerPoint files, it helps you in recovering all other Microsoft Office files including Word, Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook PST,DBX files, etc. from all kinds of storage devices like portable hard drive, USB drive, memory cards and FireWire Drives.

Directions to use the software

  • Download and install Deleted files recovery application from the website and install the software on your PC
  • You will get the main screen, which displays two options, "Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Click on the option based on your data loss scenario, where software displays all the logical and physical drive in your system
  • Choose the drive from where you lost PowerPoint files. The software scans and displays the list of file types that can recoverable from selected drive
  • Choose PowerPoint files and proceed with data recovery process
  • After the recovery process, you can see the recovered files in two distinct views
  • The software also provides you to search for a specific file using “Search” box
  • Finally, save your recovered files to your desired destination location or to any external devices like USB drives, portable hard drives, CDs, DVDs etc


  • Be careful while deleting files using command prompt because you cannot restore it from Recycle Bin
  • Before deleting a file make sure that you keep a backup copy of it
  • Do not use your computer for saving new information once you realized that you lost files from it

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