MS Outlook PST File Recovery

Microsoft Office has numerous applications that are very useful to people to carry out their daily tasks. The PST file of MS Outlook is one such application that allows users to store their emails, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Appointments, attachments, etc on their computer hard disk. Therefore Outlook PST file contains crucial data and it can be a great concern when a problem or issue arises with it. This PST files get lost, deleted or corrupted due to numerous reasons, therefore it is always advised to keep an updated backup of your PST file in an external drive or on a network drive. However, it is also true that deleted / lost files can always be recovered with the help of a good PST recovery tool available online.

Before knowing about PST file recovery software, you should know about possible scenarios that would lead to loss or deletion of Outlook PST file from hard drive. Few of them are listed below:

  • Common mistakes like mistakenly deleting PST file using “Shift + Delete” key combination
  • Malware / Virus infection to your PST file makes it corrupt and antivirus program may delete your PST file, while scanning hard drive
  • Formatting or reformatting your computer hard drive and partitioning errors might cause loss of Outlook PST file
  • Formatting partition during reinstallation of OS or dual OS installation without backing up your PST file leads to loss of PST file
  • Corruption to Personal Storage Table (PST) file and crash of Operating system crash due to any unknown reason would result in loss of PST file
  • Other reasons that are accountable for loss of PST file include hard disk failure, bad sectors on hard disk, Microsoft Outlook malfunction, OS failure and so on

Which recovery tool should be used?

Deleted files recovery software is one of the best utility to get back your deleted or lost Microsoft Outlook PST file irrespective of the reason. This tool uses advanced built in algorithm to scan and identify lost PST file from the computer hard disk. The best feature of Yodot File Recovery software is that it does not alter the structure of original file during the recovery process. Along with the MS Outlook PST file, you will be able to restore MS Office Word files, presentation files, excel files, access files, pictures, videos, audio files and lot more on Windows computer. The software has a very good user interface and helps to recover different types of files in less time span.

How to use the file recovery software?

  • Download and install Yodot File Recovery software (Not to your C drive from where PST file is to be recovered)
  • Launch the software and stick to the onscreen procedure steps
  • Make use of “Delete File Recovery” option to retrieve deleted PST files or “Lost File Recovery” option to recover your lost PST file
  • Select the drive / partition from where files are to be recovered
  • After completing the recovery process, you can view the recovered files two different views i.e. Data View and File Type View which eases your search
  • Click on “Data View” button to display your files in the folder format or click on “File Type View” to displays your with their file extensions
  • Select the desired files from the list, which you want to recover back and click on "Next" button
  • Choose the desired location or drive to save your rescued files, you can also compress the recovered files in order to save memory space


  • Do regular backup of the vital PST file and remove deadly viruses by regularly scanning your system
  • Before formatting, reformatting partitions on hard drive, first take back up your vital files on to any external data storage device
  • Never terminate or close your Microsoft Outlook improperly

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