Can I Recover When Folders Deleted Off Computer Also Delete From Pen Drive?

User 1: “Hi, I had lost my vital files when moving them from old computer to an flash drive. Actually what happened is, I copied all files from Downloads folder of my PC to the drive; since I need to remove original files from my system hard drive. Then I deleted originals, but it also erased copied files. I don’t know why it has happened, but really I need my files back. So please help me out".

User 2: "On my Mac machine, I was trying to copy files from SD card to external hard drive. After copying, I just removed files from SD card. Unfortunately, files were also removed from my external hard drive. How come files got removed from external drive, when I deleted them from SD? I hope I can recover my files. Please guide me”.

In above situations, user had deleted original folders from computer, thinking that their pen drive/external hard drive holds copy of files. But, when default folders like Music, Downloads or any other folders are copied to different storage space/device like pen drive, external drive, USB drive etc original folders will not be copied. Instead it creates a pointer in the respective destination location. So deleting such folders from source location i.e. on computer will remove pointer from removable drive, causing loss of files on respective storage device.

When you come across these sorts of unexpected incidents, obviously you will be concerned about your lost files. As for now, stop worrying about your data since it is possible to get back those files easily, using Yodot File Recovery tool.

All you need to do is just carry out these step by step guidelines:

  • Connect your pen drive/external hard drive, from where you want to restore files
  • Using Download Now button, run the application
  • Click on Deleted File Recovery Mode
  • Select connected storage device from displayed list
  • Go for Skip option to retrieve entire data from drive
  • Mark your retrievable files using Data View or File Type View
  • Preview restored media files
  • Choose location to save files

Proficient in Recovery:

Yodot File Recovery is notable program to recover files from external hard drive on Windows computers. The prominent utility is capable of restoring files from external storage media which are formatted with FAT16, ExFAT, FAT32, ReFS, NTFS and NTFS5 file system. Along with external hard drive, the tool accomplishes retrieval of numerous files from any storage drive like internal drive, pen drive, SD, SDHC, CF, MMC, usb drive and so on. The robust software is compatible to operate with Windows 10, Windows 8.x, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and 2008 computers. The smart, intellectual and attractive GUI of the tool makes recovery process easier even for novice users. Addition to outstanding software, you can provide with excellent technical assistance for effortless recovery of files. Apart from Windows, Yodot facilitates restoration of file from Mac supportive external drives through its wide range of products.

How to avoid this issue in future?

  • When you try to move/copy default folders from desktop/laptop, instead of moving folders, try to copy only files from such folders. Later you can delete the source files from folder by keeping copied files safe.

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