How to Restore WordPad Document?

“I have searched information related to my study and prepared WordPad document with required topics. But one of my friends has accidentally removed it from my computer using ‘Shift + Delete’ keys. I could not re-write same WordPad file and spend so much time once again to research over internet to gather essential information. Is there any probable solution to get back my WordPad document?

WordPad is an application provided by Microsoft Windows that lets you to type text or a document into the application. Unlike the application Notepad, WordPad document contains enhanced formatting and graphics that allow you to link or insert objects like images, tables or other files. WordPad file make itself an amazingly commanding application with more formatting options like adding bullets, highlighting, line breaks, colors, picture insertion and zoom, etc. However, as you have read above, WordPad file can also be a victim of file loss. But never lose hope under such circumstances as you will find an outstanding way in this page to get your WordPad file back.

Predictable reasons for WordPad Document loss are as listed below:

  • At the time of erasing not needed files, you might mistakenly delete WordPad document and empty Recycle Bin folder after deletion
  • When you use computer to download unauthorized software, then viruses may get transferred to your PC and spread which results in removal of WordPad and other files
  • In case transfer process of WordPad document from computer to external storage media or vice versa is interrupted then you will lose them
  • WordPad file will be lost when your computer gets shuts down due to power failure while you are accessing WordPad Document

WordPad document recovery tool:

It is suggested to download Deleted file recovery software when WordPad file loss situation encounters without any notification as discussed above. With the usage of this utility, you can restore deleted or lost WordPad documents from your computer and external storage device like Pen drives, memory cards, external hard drives etc. One of the good reasons why this program is chosen by most of the users is that; it does not take more time to restore your files and at the same time does not alter its original file content at the time of recovery. Also, it provides an option to choose different file types so that you can restore them along with WordPad document. In addition to this, it facilitates with two view options namely “Data View” and “File Type View”; so that you can easily view and select your files from restored file list. You could even see number of recovered files displayed over the screen. If you have queries even after knowing about these features, then just free download demo version of this file retrieval software to check its working.

Method to regain WordPad documents:

  • First of all download Yodot File Recovery software and install it on your computer
  • Connect external storage drive in case you want to retrieve WordPad files from it
  • Now run the application and go according to the instructions provided on it
  • Now you will see two main options on the screen which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose anyone according to the file loss situation you have faced
  • Click over the drive from where you have lost WordPad file and then hit on “Next”
  • Allow the application to scan the drive and then make use of search box to recover only WordPad files
  • Make your selection by utilizing two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type view”
  • At last save retrieved WordPad files in a location that you prefer your PC

Things to Remember:

  • Scan your computer with Antivirus software after downloading any file from internet
  • Use the button “Delete” while deleting unwanted WordPad file so that you can restore it from Recycle Bin if needed
  • Never use your computer when there is continuous fluctuations in power supply

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