How to Restore Files Removed from Recycle Bin?

Every Windows users will have glance of Recycle Bin while dealing with files and folders as it stores accidentally or intentionally deleted files. On other hand, Recycle Bin provides simple way to restore deleted files back to their original location on Windows system and it very easy to handle. But, after deleting essential files mistakenly if you remove those files from Recycle Bin before restoring, then it will become pathetic situation. Isn’t it?? Yes, well if you are searching about how to restore removed files from Recycle Bin, then don’t worry. It is still possible to get back removed files form Recycle Bin.

However, before knowing about file retrieval process, let us see few reasons due to which files get erased from Windows Recycle Bin.

  • Emptying Recycle Bin without verifying its contents to free up Windows hard disk space
  • Using “Delete” option instead of “Restore” option while trying to restore multiple files from Recycle Bin
  • OS reinstallation, hard drive crash, file system corruption and other related factors will remove files from Recycle Bin

How can files be recovered after removed them from Recycle Bin?

When you remove a file from Recycle Bin, its content are not erased from respective storage location only file name and other file specifications will be deleted from file system table and their address space on hard drive is marked as free. Hence, one can restore removed files from Recycle Bin by identifying its file signatures by using well-designed file restoration tool before its memory space is overwritten by new data.

Note: Foremost thing that you must do after removing files from Recycle Bin is to immediately stop saving new files on Windows system, because newly added files on Windows PC may occupy free memory space that is left by removed files from Recycle Bin. Thus reduces probability of restoring removed files from Recycle Bin.

Removed file recovery software:

Yodot File Recovery is precise and widely used software to recover removed files from Recycle Bin on Windows system. This tool retrieves all kinds of files such as MS Office documents, compressed files, video clips, pictures, music files and other files easily from Recycle Bin. Other than Windows Recycle Bin folders (internal hard drive), you can get back removed or missing files from external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards and many more devices. This tool can execute deleted file recovery from Recycle Bin on Windows 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008 OS based computers.

Steps to rescue removed files from Recycle Bin:

  • Download Recover erased files software and install it to Windows system
  • Install the application and follow on-screen instructions
  • Make use of “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery” options to restore removed files from Recycle Bin
  • In next screen from list of partitions or drives, select C:Drive (Usually where Recycle Bin resides) to regain removed files form Recycle Bin
  • After thorough scanning of C:Drive, you will find list of removed files from Windows Recycle Bin
  • View recovered files using “Data View” and “File Type View” options
  • Mark files which you would like to extract and click on “Next” button
  • Finally, browse for new destination location to save retrieved files on Windows hard dirve


  • Maintain multiple copies of essential files in Windows system
  • Check twice before removing files from Windows Recycle Bin folder
  • Avoid enabling or using advanced operations to empty Recycle Bin

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