How to Rescue Files and Directories on Windows 7?

windows 7 data recoveryDid it ever happen to you that you have deleted some valuable files and directories from Windows 7 system only to realize later that you wish you hadn’t? Of course if they are stored in Recycle Bin folder, then there are no issues, but what if you find them missing from Recycle Bin also. If you have been following some technical magazines, then you would probably have kept backup of important data separately or might know about some third party recovery application that can get back deleted or lost contents safely.

Sometimes we fail to keep backup of important files and just happen to get upset when files or directories are missing from your Windows 7 system. What should be done now? Well, derived from expert reviews and suggested by majority of computer geeks, we suggest you to utilize Yodot File Recovery application that has maintained the top spot when it comes to recovering files and directories from Windows 7 computer.

Some of the issues that may result in loss of files and directories from Windows 7 computer are:

  • Deleting files and folders using Shift Delete options leads to permanent deletion of data
  • If your system gets infected with virus, there is more probability that data loss may occur
  • Usage of unsecure third party tools can at times lead to deletion of files or directories that are being used
  • Abrupt halt to file sharing process can be coined as one of the most common scenarios for loss of files and directories from Windows 7 PC

Restoring files and directories on Windows 7

Yodot File Recovery is a superb data recovery program, which makes it easy to rescue deleted / lost files and directories from Windows 7 system. User can install this program quite easily and then scan the system in less duration of time to restore files and directories. There are no cryptic buttons or complicated procedure that needs to be followed to perform data retrieval using Yodot File Recover y software. The major advantage of this program is that it has easy to use interface that assists even a non technical user to retrieve deleted files from specific folder comfortably. Apart from Windows 7 computer, user can also get back files from Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 systems respectively.

Simple procedure to recover files and directories from Windows 7 computer

  • Download and install Yodot File Recovery tool in by logging in as local system administrator
  • Run the program and from main screen of application click on Deleted File Recovery or Lost File Recovery based on scenario that has resulted in loss of files and directories from Windows 7 system
  • After selecting the desired option, proceed to next screen to mark the drive from where files and directories are missing
  • Now, from the next window select all the file types that needs to be recovered and then start scanning
  • Once it gets completed, rescued list of data can be viewed in File Type View or Data View as desired by user
  • Select the required option and then save the files to a different destination location

Helpful Tips:

  • It is suggested that you cross check your files and directories twice before deleting them from Windows 7 computer
  • Always check Recycle Bin folder thoroughly before hitting on Empty Recycle Bin option
  • After encountering loss of files and directories from Windows 7 system, avoid saving any data as it may overwrite saved file contents