Restore Deleted PST Files in Outlook 2013

“Forsake of my project I have installed some third party applications in my Windows system. While downloading these applications, without my knowledge I have downloaded one unsafe app; as a result few files got deleted from my system hard drive including PST file, which containsvital information of my project. Without that PST file I cannot move further in my project. I am using Outlook 2013, so my request is if anyone has idea about how to retrieve deleted PST files in Outlook 2013, please share here… Thanks in advance!!

Situation like above mentioned might be faced by many Outlook users. Apart from this, many other instances are there wherein PST files may get deleted from Outlook 2013. Let us know few of them:

  • In case, if you improperly shutdown system when Outlook 2013 is in use then there is chance of missing SPT fie
  • When severe virus attacks Outlook 2013 PST file, then infected files may get removed when you run antivirus software on it
  • f you unknowingly apply “Shift Delete” key combination on PST files while deleting unwanted files from system, then it may get deleted permanently

How can you get back removed PST files in Outlook 2013?

Use Yodot File Recovery software to recover erased PST files in Outlook 2013 on Windows system.Apart from this, it can restore other file formats such asDLL, VCF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, PNG, archive files, etc. Additionally, it can do password protected file retrievalas well as emptied Recycle Bin recovery on Windows system.Along with Outlook 2013, it can retrieve PST and OST files from all other Microsoft Outlook versions.This utility is compatible for recoveringdeleted files from hard disk, USB pen drive, SSD, memory stick and so on with much ease. The application can be run on Windows system such as Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating system.

Procedure to restore erased PST files in Outlook 2013:

  • Install Deleted file recovery software on your Windows system and run it
  • It will show two options namely “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”; select “Deleted File Recovery” to retrieve deleted PST files
  • Then, it will display drive list which is present in system, from that select the one from where you need to restore PST files
  • After selecting drive, it will start scanning process, wait for few minutes until scanning is finished
  • Next, you are going to see a list of files in different views type such as “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • Search for your deleted PST files using ‘Find’ option, then restore them in a safe and secured place other than source location ( the drive from where you have recoveredPST files)


  • Avoid installing unauthorized third party applicationsin your system as it may cause file loss from hard drive
  • Always use updated antivirus software in system to prevent file loss situation due to viruses
  • Once you unknowingly deleted files from system, then stop storing new files so that you can avoid data overwriting

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