Windows 7 Sticky Note Recovery Tool

“Is there a way in which I can get back my Sticky notes file that was deleted after completion of Antivirus scan on my PC? Valuable information was saved in it, so please suggest me a way in which sticky notes file can be restored.”

If you are the victim of above case then yes, you can easily restore your Sticky Note file that was deleted after antivirus scan with the use of prominent file recovery software. Before finding out how it can be done, find out a bit more about what Sticky Notes are.

Sticky notes are usually used in Windows 7 system. They can be viewed on your desktop, usually in bright yellow color. User can create a “To-do list”, make note of some points or tasks that needs to be done and store much more with just few clicks. User can easily collapse, resize and add information on their Sticky Note quite easily. Your Sticky Note file can be found on this respectable destination: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\StickyNotes.snt. However, one may lose important sticky notes that hold vital information.

Scenarios that can result in loss of Sticky Notes from Windows 7 system are:

  • Use of unknown third party applications for optimizing your Windows PC may result in deletion of Sticky Notes
  • Accidentally deleting the wrong folder while trying to remove unwanted data from the system
  • Sudden loss of power when you are transferring your Sticky Note file to external storage media
  • Use of Shift+delete keys when deleting your Sticky Note file can result in permanent file deletion

In all these instances, one must imply the use of Yodot File Recovery software that can perform the rescue operation in minimum duration of time. As this application is programmed with best recovery techniques, it can get under worst case scenarios and find your valuable sticky notes. Apart from Sticky Notes, user can also recover large files from Windows 7 system, media files, MS Office files and various other file types on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 respectively. You can also get the help of our support staff members who will be available to assist you at any point of time.

Steps for recovering Sticky Notes from Windows 7 are:

  • Download and install Recover erased files tool in the system by logging in as local system admin
  • On completion of installation process, user can run the program and follow on screen steps
  • Using main screen option, click on Deleted File Recovery or Lost File Recovery option based on scenario
  • Once desired option is clicked, proceed to next window to select the drive from where files have to be restored
  • Now, select file types that needs to be restored, in your case click on .snt file type
  • Initiate scanning of partition, once completed you can view the file in “File Type View” or “Data View”
  • Select and save the files to different storage media other than source location

Tips that need to be remembered are:

  • Make sure you choose suitable antivirus application as per your needs and use it wisely
  • Keep backup of Sticky Notes file on more than one destination

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