How to Undelete Large Files on Windows 7

“I need help in recovering large files from my Windows 7 system. Yesterday while I was transferring essential files from Windows 7 PC to external hard drive, there was abrupt power failure that caused sudden system shutdown and halted file transfer. When I restarted PC and checked for those files which I was moving, I couldn’t find them. I think files that were being transferred are missing; is there a way to undelete large files on Windows 7 system?”

Windows 7 is one of the finest operating system that came with best features that makes it as must for modern generation. For instance, it is easy to search for required file name by just clicking on Windows button; presence of various widgets come in handy; it includes with many utilities; it can save various file formats irrespective of their file size, etc. But what to do when you delete large files accidentally while erasing junk data from Windows 7 system?

No need to get frustrated when large files are deleted from Windows 7 system. Only the links that are related to those files are removed from hard drive so that new information can be added to the same memory location. So before new files overwrites the space occupied by deleted large files, act quickly and make use of relevant third party file recovery utility.

Large files Recovery software

Yodot File Recovery is the most recommended software when it comes to recovering large deleted files from Windows 7 computer or laptop hard drive. Included with best recovery technique, this utility scans entire hard drive and finds files that were deleted or lost from Windows 7 system. Other than large deleted files from Windows 7 computer, it can retrieve lost data from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 OS based computers. If you are in need for any assistance from our technical support staff, you can always approach them at any point of time via any email to resolve your problem solved as soon as possible.

Note: Users can download and install Yodot Photo Recovery tool for getting back deleted or missing large media files including RAW images, video files, music files and other files because Yodot File Recovery tool supports only basic formats of media files.

Guidelines to undelete large files on Windows 7 system

  • Download and install Deleted file recovery software in a healthy system
  • On completion of installation procedure, user can start the utility with help of shortcut icon provided on desktop
  • From main screen of tool click on ‘Deleted File Recovery’ option
  • Move onto next screen and then select hard drive from where large files were deleted
  • After selecting hard drive, move onto next window to mark file types that were deleted
  • At last, click on Next button to start scanning of Windows 7 hard drive
  • Upon completion, rescued large files that were deleted from Windows 7 PC are listed in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • Click on desired view type and then save files to available location on your Windows 7 hdd or to any external storage media

Things to Consider:

  • Try and save large files on Windows 7 system hard drive on more than one partitions
  • Make sure you have connected external storage media properly before transferring files to it from Windows 7 computer
  • Update your Windows 7 PC with latest antivirus protection to avoid intrusion of dangerous virus or malware threats

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