How Can I Open Folders on Windows Computer?

Written by Lucy John on April 18, 2023

In today’s digital era, Windows is one of the top Operating System preferred by most of the users. Yes, it’s true that it works incredibly great but like any other OS, it has its own deficiencies. At times, Windows may not complete user’s request to open a folders/files successfully. Have a look at one such instance encountered by a user,

“Hi, I am using Windows 7 OS from quite a long time. But whenever I click on folders such as My Documents, My Pictures etc. they open for a split second and then disappear. Again when I attempt to open it, same process repeats. Further, I have not made any changes to the folders lately. Why is this problem occurring? Can anyone help me to sort out this issue?"

This problem occurs frequently and hence it’s a good habit to take back ups regularly. But in case there is no back up available No worries!!! Next section consists of list of causes and possible solution for each cause. Have a closer look at it:

1. Cause: Virus infection

Normally when harmful virus infects a Windows system, it would cause problems in opening drives and folders. This virus generates a file named autorun.inf in the root directory of each drive. The autorun.inf file is read only and will be hidden from the user. Thus whenever user tires to open a particular folder, the virus initiates activities that prevent folder to open normally.

Solution: User has to either delete autorun.inf file using command prompt or opt for a genuine anti-malware application to clean the system from virus. Doing this will allow users to open the folder without any complications.

2. Cause: Folder is being used by another program

The contents of folder or the entire folder itself might be opened by another program, thus user will not be able to open the folder.

Solution: Terminate the program (that which is using host folder) completely. Also user can restart computer and then try accessing folder again.

3. Cause: Folder lock

If folder is locked then user may not be able to open it. A small lock (padlock) symbol may appear on files/folders. This lock indicates that the folder is private and cannot be accessed without permissions.

Solution: User has to either have permissions to open locked folder or simply remove the lock. To unlock folder please right-click on the folder and select Properties. Switch to the Security tab. Then press Edit button and make necessary changes.

4.Other Reasons

There could be other logical issues associated with folder that could be preventing folder to open as expected.

Solution: Instead of double clicking on folder, right click on it and select Open option. Alternatively, copy folder content on to a removable storage medium and then try to access it on another system. In case after accessing folder, if user finds out that its content has been missing then its recommended to go through below-mentioned approach.

Recover folder content

Yodot File Recovery is a Windows-based application that can be used to recover files. This software proves to be useful in instances where in if users can't view folders in pen drive, formatted storage medium, deleted folder accidentally etc. This application has a user-friendly interface that guides through a step-by-step wizard. The outstanding characteristics of this utility include RAW Search, Resume Recovery, and View Patterns etc. This tool runs fairly well on Windows 10, 11, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista and Windows Server editions (2008/2003).

How to use the application?

To get benefits from Recover erased files tool, download and install it on Windows system. Then launch it and follow the below steps:


  • Keep all virus-definitions up-to-date
  • Backup all essential files in some or other storage drives

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