How to Retrieve Files from Windows 7 Home Premium?

Windows 7 OS version by Microsoft created a buzz across tech savors as it came up with different editions. Among which, Home Premium is the best used edition from Windows 7 for personal computer users. Windows 7 Home Premium included features like Windows Media Centre, Windows Aero, Windows Parental Controls and also new multi-touch support. It was made easy for home users to install Windows 7 Home Premium as the OS version supported both 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs. However, one cannot deny file loss from Windows 7 Home Premium computer in various instances, for instance consider the scenario below.

Assume that, you were transferring files from Home Premium Windows 7 computer to USB drive. Along that, you started updating few Windows update and thus got in to trouble and the process requested to restart the system. It was then you noticed that the files being transferred were actually missing from desktop. This is just an example of losing important files from Windows 7 Home Premium system. Other possible scenarios that render file loss on Windows 7 Home Premium computer are listed below:

  • Deletion of necessary files due to accidental pressing of Shift+Delete keys can erase files beyond manual recovery
  • Incomplete Cut-Paste operation performed on a set of files can cause missing of those files
  • Vulnerable to virus intrusion on Windows 7 Home Premium system hard drive can cause missing or deletion of files without any intimation
  • Deleting necessary folders or files instead of unwanted data from Windows 7 Home Premium computer while freeing disk space on hard drive
  • Use of unsecure antivirus program to scan Windows 7 Home Premium computer hard drive may erase any data while removing threats

In any of these cases, one can lose valuable files from Windows 7 Home Premium OS based computer. But, lost or erased files won’t be removed from system hard drive permanently and hence use of proficient file restoration software can bring back lost files on Windows 7 Home Premium systems.

Windows 7 Home Premium file recovery software:

According to data recovery experts, Yodot File Recovery is the excellent utility to retrieve files from Windows computers after file loss or deletion scenarios. Its highly developed recovery modules safely restore each and every file from computer hard drive installed with Windows 7 Home Premium OS without damaging the file contents. Along with Windows 7 Home Premium, it can restore deleted files from Windows 7 Ultimate OS edition. This tool can recover files from system hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, SSD, memory stick, FireWire drive and other storage devices formatted with NTFS, ExFAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5 and ReFS file systems. The tool is well-supported on all Windows OS versions so, if in someway you meet with erased Windows 10 folder accidentally one can utilize this tool and expect guaranteed outcomes.

Trouble-free recovery steps to regain files from Home Premium Windows 7:

  • Download Yodot File Recovery software on your Windows 7 Home Premium computer
  • Then install it in a new partition or on a partition other than victim partition from where files are lost
  • After running the software, main screen shows two options i.e. ‘Deleted File Recovery’ and ‘Lost File Recovery’
  • Choose either of the options based on file loss scenario
  • Then, select the partition from which files were erased or lost and click next
  • Wait till software scans that particular partition completely
  • Later, you can glance at the retrieved files in two view types – Data View and File Type View
  • Preview any selected file and at last, save all necessary files to required target location on system hard drive or on any external storage drive

Special Remainder:

  • Avoid using Shift+Delete keys to erase any files from Windows 7 Home Premium system
  • Backup all essential files from Windows 7 system hard drive and save it in external storage drives to avoid unexpected file loss