How to Restore Zip and RAR Files?

"Hi, I lost few compressed archives from pen drive today; after connecting the pen drive to my system I selected set of unwanted files to delete and pressed delete key. Very soon I noticed that there were few important Zip and RAR archives that had been wrongly selected while deleting. Now is it possible to recover those deleted Zip and RAR files? Kindly suggest me proper solution.”

Zip and RAR is the most popular archive format to save set of files in compressed form. Compressing files in Zip and RAR formats will ensure data security and easy transfer over network. To compress files in Zip format we use WinZip tool whereas to compress RAR files WinRAR is the right choice. These archive files can hold compressed files upto 4GB in size. Sometimes, Zip and RAR files may get disappeared from its storage location when user wrongly handles those files or mistakenly deletes them. Some of such scenarios are as listed below:

  • In the process of deleting unwanted files on system using Shift delete, mistakenly removing important Zip and RAR archives will definitely render file loss
  • Interruptions caused while transferring Zip and RAR files from system to external storage drive or vice versa may cause missing of those files
  • Losing Zip and RAR files stored on external storage media due to virus intrusion that can render file system corruption on device and hence inaccessibility of files
  • Deletion of RAR and Zip files by unauthorized user access on system

In these scenarios, it is likely to lose Zip and RAR archive files from any storage device. But, neither deleting nor loss can induce permanent loss of compressed files. This is because, these processes will just make Zip and RAR files invisible to OS, marking its memory location as empty to place new data. So, till new files are added to storage media on which files are lost, it is very simple to recover Zip and RAR files. For this, one should rely on powerful file restoration software.

Ultimate tool to retrieve RAR and Zip archives:

By making use of Yodot File Recovery software it is now possible to restore erased or lost Zip and RAR files with ease. This tool has excellent scanning methodology that easily retrieves all kinds of compressed archives like jar, 7zip, zipx, zoo, arj, cab, sit, etc. Along with compressed files, this tool can bring back specific file types from hard disk based on unique signature of each files. This software can be perfectly used when archives and other files are deleted from Recycle Bin, missing from pen drive, hidden on external hard drive, memory stick, SSD or other storage media that are frequently used on Windows computers. One can utilize this program on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS based PCs and laptops.

Recovery steps to regain Zip and RAR archives:

  • Download Recover erased files software on your Windows system and install it
  • Run the utility by logging in as system administrator
  • When main screen shows up, click for ‘Deleted File Recovery’ or ‘Lost File Recovery’ option depending on the scenario you lost Zip as well as RAR compressed files
  • Click next and choose the drive or partition from which Zip and RAR files have to be recovered
  • Moving further, allow the software to scan complete drive / partition
  • When scanning ends, view rescued files in two distinct view modes – ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type view’
  • Have a brief look at restored Zip and RAR files and save them files to target location

Points to Keep in Mind:

  • While erasing files in bulk on Windows computer, check for proper selection of files
  • Backup Zip and RAR files that carry important information in multiple storage devices

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