Restore Data from Active Partition

“Yesterday while marking ‘D’ drive as active I have accidentally chosen “E” drive and selected the option “Mark as active”. After clicking on this option my computer suddenly stopped and when I tried to switch it on, it refused to boot. Can anyone tell why I am not able to boot my computer? I am very much worried about the data present in my computer and also I don’t have back up to restore files.”

Many users post this kind of questions in certain forums when they find themselves in critical condition. However, there is no need to get upset for this issue because it can be resolved by making use of partition recovery software.

An active partition is a partition on your hard drive that is marked as one that the computer should boot from whenever it is switched on. Marking a partition as active on a basic disk means that the computer will use the loader (an operating system tool) on that partition to start the operating system. There can be only one active partition per hard drive and in case you create a partition and mark it active when it doesn't have an operating system boot loader on it, it will cause your system to stop booting the operating system.

How to create active partition?

  • First of all click on "Start" menu and then click on "Control Panel". In the control panel window open "System and Maintenance" Choose "Administrative Tools" and then open "Computer Management."
  • Click on "Disk Management," right-click on an unallocated hard drive or portion of a hard drive and then select "New Partition."
  • Click "Default", enter a name for the partition, select "Quick Format" and then click "Finish." The hard disk partition is created and formatted
  • Right click on the partition that you have created and click on the option "Mark Partition as Active". The partition is instantly marked as the active one on that hard drive

However, as said earlier when you mark a partition as active the system may possibly not be able to boot when it does not have boot loader. Hence, when your computer does not boot, you are not able to access files from it. So it is advised to backup important files before marking the partition as active. But if there is no backup then you ought to use partition recovery computer software to recover lost data.

Partition Recovery software

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is admirable recovery software which helps you to recover data from active partition which is formatted with FAT or NTFS file system. This partition recovery software recovers each and every type of file from active partition in the same format as it used to be. This incredible program enables you to restore entire data such as Microsoft Office documents, photos, videos, music, etc on Windows OS. It can be used by anyone regardless their PC knowledge.

Steps for active partition recovery

  • Disconnect the affected Windows hard drive and attach it to a healthy Windows PC or laptop
  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to the new computer
  • Launch the software and follow the guidelines appearing on the screen
  • Choose any one from the two recovery options, “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Once you make your selection, the application will display all the physical drives present on that system
  • Tick on the affected hard drive and press “Next”
  • The software asks for the selection of the file type to be recovered, make your selection or simply click on “Skip” to select all the file types by default
  • Now wait till the software finishes its scan
  • As the scanning ends, software displays all the recovered files in two distinct view types; “Data Type” and “File Type”
  • Preview the files and save to the destination location ( But not to the same hard drive)

Tips and warning

  • Do not mark a partition as active if it does not contain the loader for an operating system, otherwise your computer may stop working
  •  Before marking the partition as active, make sure to keep backup of important files

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