How to Get Back Files after Hard Drive Partitioning Error?

Sometimes user will repartition her/his hard drive due to various problems like system may not boot properly, hard disk unreadable and so on. While doing so, user may get some additional issues such as

“Disk couldn’t be partitioned”

“Error 0x80070057 when you format a hard disk to install Windows 7”

“Partition failed“

“Partition error couldn't unmount disk”

Mainly these kinds of error will occur due to partition corruption. Once the partition is damaged then you cannot access any files which are stored in it.

Most of the users don’t have knowledge about above mentioned errors. When they get these kinds of errors they will try to resize the partition. To do so user may unknowingly use unreliable third party applications. After installation of unauthorized third party application, automatically it will remove data from your hard drive. Apart from this, data may loss if any error occurred during resizing hard drive process.

Consider the situation like you have committed the same kind of mistake and have lost data from hard drive, then what will you do? How will you recover files after a hard drive partitioning error? What kind of technique you will apply to get back your lost files?

Nothing to worry about those lost files!! You can get back the files easily by using suitable hard drive recovery software. Nowadays lots of recovery tools are available to handle this kind of situations. If you want immediate and accurate result, you can choose Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software.

Software to restore files after a hard drive partitioning error:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the efficient software to regain files after a hard drive partitioning error. In addition to partitioning error, this application will assist you to restore files after unreadable, inaccessible, unbootable, corrupted partition on Windows system hard drive. This software works on read only mode, due to this the original data present on your partition will not be alter. Also, it will helps to perform restore program files, ISO file recovery, corrupted partition data recovery, deleted partition data recovery on Windows 7, data recovery after blue screen of death, data recovery after MBR corruption, uninitialized hard drive recovery and lot more. Apart from this, it will provide 24x7 technical assistance for solving customer’s queries. It is compatible to restore files on all versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Procedure to get back files after a hard drive partitioning error:

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on Windows computer. After completion of installation, run the application in order to files recovery after partition error
  • Primary screen of this application will come up with two options such as ‘Partition Recovery’ and ‘Formatted/Reformatted Recovery’, click on ‘Partition Recovery’ option and move further
  • Next screen of this program will show partitions list exist in your system hard drive, from them select drive from where you want to retrieve files
  • Next tool will initiate the scanning process
  • Once the scanning process is completed, restored files will be displayed in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’. View the files and save it in desired location but not on same source location(same partition)


  • Avoid to use unauthorized application for resizing or repartition a hard drive
  • Follow proper procedure while installing OS on your system or else take the help of technician to do OS installation

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