Restore Data from Logically Failed Hard Drive?

A logical drive is a partition on a physical drive that is made to segregate different kind of files from each other like system files or user data. Each logical drive consists of huge amount of data important for both user and system, so any kind of failure is not reasonable or tolerable. But there are several reasons due to which your logical drive might fail, leading to loss of essential amount of data.

What is logical failure of hard drive?

Logical failure refers to non-physical failure, in other words when the damage occurs in hard drive’s file structure or software rather than physical damage to hard drive. In this situation computer BIOS can see the hard drive, but it cannot access the data on it and may not be able to mount the partition or Windows may simply report that no drive is present. In most extreme cases of logical failure, you can see hard drive spinning fine but it is not even recognized by the computer BIOS. Fortunately there are number of logical data recovery software programs are available, it’s important to know why your drive has experienced a logical failure before you attempt to recover your data.

The most common causes for logical hard drive failures are:

  • Master Boot Record failure: MBR is located at the first sector of the hard disc drive. If MBR becomes inaccessible, it will give the operating system incorrect booting instructions. As a result, a hard drive will not boot
  • Operating system errors: OS errors or registry errors due to virus attack, infected programs, system files corruption and similar reasons can cause logical failure
  • Data deletion: Deletion, formatting or reformatting partitions and incorrect partitioning of hard drive can occur due to system or human errors leading to file structure corruption and logical failure of hard disk
  • Improper shutdown: Improper termination of system either intentionally or accidentally can damage the file structure of the hard drive or make it inaccessible

Almost all logical failures can be recovered without the need of opening the hard drive. Disappearing data, disk errors and a sluggish system are all signs of impending logical hard drive failure. When you start to experience these symptoms, the best thing to do is backup your data if you are not done before. If you don’t have data backup and suffering from logical failure of hard drive, then you must use any of the reliable drive data recovery application to retrieve your essential data.

Hard drive recovery software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is especially designed to retrieve data from different types of logical failures on hard drives. This application is built with efficient disk scanning programs which scan each and every sector of your hard drive to restore lost or erased data. In addition to it, the software can retrieve data erased or bypassed from the Recycle Bin due to larger size. The software creates disk image that is an exact replica of hard drive as a file to eliminate bad sectors, so that the files can be retrieved later, after scanning those disk images. It can restore data from formatted or re-formatted hard drive. The Yodot recovery program allows you to resume the recovery sessions in order to avoid re-scanning of hard drive and you can also compress retrieved data to save disk space.

Procedure for using Yodot Recovery program on Windows:

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to your Windows system
  • Run the software to begin the recovery process and follow the on screen procedure
  • The software displays two options in the main screen. i.e., ”Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Since you need to recover data from logically failed hard drive, so select ”Partition Recovery” option
  • The application will scan and display all the logical drives present on physical hard drive in your system
  • Choose the particular logical drive from which you need to retrieve data and press ”Next” option
  • Then you will get a wizard with different file types, in which you can select a particular file types or simply click on “Skip” option to choose all file types by default
  • After the completion of scanning process, the application will display all the recovered data from logically failed hard drive
  • The recovered data can be viewed either on “Data View” Or “File Type View”
  • At last save the recovered data to any reliable external storage device

Useful Tips:

  • If you came across any of the logical drive failure symptoms, then first take backup of your crucial data
  • If you don’t know how to partition the physical hard drive, then take help from any of the computer technician’s

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