Recover Hard Drive Data after OS Crash

Windows crashed I reinstalled, lost all the data and even my backup was not set. I suppose all the data from my system are erased forever. Are the files really gone forever? These are the words you often think when you encounter operating system crash. OS crash can be disastrous because you might end up losing all files or even complete data from your hard disk. When Windows OS crashes, it stops responding and restarting the system also doesn’t help. The system displays an error message displaying “Fatal error: the system is unstable or is busy” after restart indicating that the operating system has crashed.

Windows is the most widely used operating system all over the world. Variety of file types like music, documents, movies, games, pictures, video clips, etc can be stored and managed using this OS. Even though you take many precautionary measures to conserve the files, still you cannot escape from data loss from Windows system. Data loss can occurs due to several reasons and crash of operating system is one of critical reason among them.

What could be causes for OS Crash?

You might already know that the operating system consists of many system applications that are used to manage computer hardware. So in case if there is any hardware exception which OS can’t handle, then it crashes. There are many reasons for OS crash some of them include dangerous virus infections on the system files, third party software conflicting with system OS, bad sectors on hard disk drive, kernel bugs, hardware failure, changing BIOS settings, insufficient RAM resource etc. Since, the operating system is located in hard disk drive; data stored on hard disk becomes inaccessible and lead to huge amount of data loss when OS crashes.

How to do recovery of data after encountering OS crash?

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery (Windows) is an effective tool to rely and use in such tough situation to safely restore data. This tool helps all Windows users to search and find lost data from hard disk after the crash of operating system. It has the ability to create disk images to bypass bad sectors in hard disk and can even retrieve data from deleted, missing, formatted and inaccessible partitions on hard disk.

Steps for recovering data after OS crash:

  • Remove the hard disk from your system and connect it to a healthy Windows computer
  • Download and install the data recovery software to the connected PC
  • Open the application and stick to the onscreen steps
  • Click on “Partition Recovery” option to retrieve your files after OS crash
  • The software scans and displays all the internal and external hard disk connected to the system
  • Select the external drive which represents your Windows hard disk and click on “Next” button
  • The software repeats the scanning process and displays all the recovered files from the hard drive, in two view types; “Data Type” and “File Type”
  • Switch between the two view types, and choose files and folders which you want to recover
  • You can also preview the recoverable files before saving them using “Preview” option
  • Finally save the rescued files to your desired destination location, although not to the same hard disk drive from where you are retrieving your files from

Suggestions to prevent data loss

  • Its recommended to always backup your important files to any external hard disk drives
  • Don’t use your hard disk device after facing crash of OS
  • Avoid using hard disk drive having bad sectors
  • Regularly defragment your hard drive to optimize the performance of your PC
  • Use a good antivirus software to remove deadly viruses/malwares

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