Recover Data after Quick Format

Why Quick Formatting is done? Usually you do this, so that you can erase all the data present on a storage drive. But some of you perform quick format with the intention of changing the type of file system. Even though Windows offers, two ways to format a hard drive partition i.e. full format and quick format, still many of you prefer quick format as it is much faster and easier. However most of you may not know why quick format is faster and how it is different from full format.

When you give full format command to a hard drive partition, not only the files will be deleted but it will also be overwritten by zeros. In addition it also checks for bad sectors present on the hard disk partition, to avoid saving files to those sector from next time. On the other hand if you pick quick format option, it will just delete all the files by removing its entries from the file directory. No bad sector scan is done here; this is the reason why quick format takes lesser time to format the drive. Not just hard disk partitions, quick format is also performed on external storage medias like SD cards, XD cards, USB drives, external hard drives etc.

Suppose you have quick formatted your hard drive, with the purpose of converting the FAT file system to NTFS or formatted your external USB drive to remove unnecessary files from it. All of a sudden you realized that the formatted data included some of your recent files, which were important. You tried to restore it from backup, but sadly it was not present there. Now how to get it back? Is it possible?

Yes, it’s possible to recover data after quick format. Because only the data is made invisible to you by erasing its details from the directory, however the files are still present in the memory. But for that you need data recovery software. Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the finest recovery utility for restoring data from storage drives after accidental quick format. It is highly capable of recovering data from hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, external hard drives etc. Supports recovery of more than 300 different file formats, whether it is photo, video, document or audio. Its user-friendly interface makes quick format recovery fast, easy and secure. In case you have done full format on your storage disk then no recovery tool can retrieve it, as data will be overwritten by zeros.

Directions for recovering files after quick format

  • Firstly, you need to download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to your Windows system
  • Run the software and choose “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option from the main screen of the application
  • The software will display all the disks present on that computer system and as you select one of those, it will show all the partitions on the selected drive
  • The next window gives you the alternative to select the file types which you prefer to recover
  • Make the selection and go forward with the scanning process
  • Tick on the files that you need to restore, from the list of recovered files and folders
  • If not able to find a specific file of importance, then go with the “Smart Scan” option available
  • Make sure that you preview the files before retrieving and saving them to the destination location

Precautionary Measures

  • Check for important files and copy them, before performing quick format
  • Do not use the storage drive after quick format

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