Get Data after Reinstalling Windows Vista

“I use Windows Vista OS on my desktop and have lump-sum of data saved in its hard drive. Since the system was slow in response for all the activities, I was annoyed with the delay every time. So, one of my friends suggested me to reinstall OS. So I went through the entire guide, took suggestions from friends on how to reinstall and done it without any trouble. But, before reinstalling, I forgot to backup recent data from hard drive. As a result, I am facing huge loss of all recent files. How to recover files after reinstalling Windows Vista? Can anyone suggest me proper method.”

Windows Vista is a wonderful Microsoft operating system for desktop and laptops. Its introduction was added with many brilliant features to enhance user experience. It was topped with data security, new user interface, Windows Search option and much more functionalities. Data saved on computer hard drive with Windows Vista OS can be managed efficiently with system management feature. But while installing or reinstalling Vista OS, one may lose valuable data from hard drive.

First and foremost let us discuss why reinstallation is required on computers?

Users tend to reinstall Windows Vista or other operating systems on computers in the following situations:

  • When system takes lot of time to start up or respond to given commands
  • If hard disk shows various error messages like low disk space, etc.
  • If boot sector on hard drive is corrupted and system partially boots.
  • When operating system crashes due to wrong installation and system errors.
  • Also if there are other logical errors related to Vista OS or system performance

Though reinstallation might evade all these troublesome situations, users may lose valuable files from computer hard drive, if proper backup is not maintained before reinstalling Vista. It is then that users search for good recovery program to get back lost files from Vista.

Windows Vista data recovery software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the best software to bring back data from Windows Vista computer after reinstallation. Its brilliant restoration factors can get back photos, movies, documents, audio tracks, folders, MS Office files, archives, program files, etc. from Windows Vista system hard disk with ease. In addition, this tool can recover data from crashed Windows Vista PC or laptop just in simple clicks. One can use this tool to retrieve files even from external hard drives, USB pen drives, memory cards, SSD drives and other storage devices. Other than Windows Vista, iIt is an excellent option for recovering lost, missing, deleted or formatted data from computer hard drives working with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Server 2003.

Steps for data recovery after reinstalling Windows Vista:

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on a healthy Windows computer
  • Connect the hard drive from Windows Vista computer to this system using proper USB cable
  • Next, run the utility and wait till main screen appears with two options
  • Go for ‘Partition Recovery’ option to restore inaccessible data from victim hard drive
  • Now, software displays all drives associated with the computer
  • Mark the drive that represents externally connected Windows Vista hard drive
  • Also, you can mention the file types to recover from victim hard disk or else simply Skip the step
  • Software starts to scan selected drive and displays scanning progress in Status bar
  • Once this process ends, view all restored data in any of the view types between ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’
  • Later, select a destination location on host computer hard disk or on external storage device and save retrieved data in it

Important Note!!

  • Do not save recovered data to same Windows Vista hard drive
  • Follow authentic procedure to reinstall Windows Vista OS on desktop / laptop
  • Backup entire hard disk data before commencing OS reinstallation

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