Retrieve Data after Repartitioning Hard Drive

The hard drive is generally repartitioned to re-size its partitions, i.e. for shrinking or extending the size of existing partitions and to create a new partition or to delete the old partition from a hard drive.

For instance, hard drive repartitioning is done before installing another operating system or for better data management. But, this process may cause miserable data loss if you face any interruption while repartitioning like unexpected system termination due to power surge, program crash, bad sectors on the hard disks or due to incorrect re-partitioning of hard drive. Many errors such as 'Exception Processing Message’, 'Not Enough Memory’, etc. appear on the screen after failed or incomplete repartitioning of hard drive.

And, these errors make your hard drive data inaccessible and sometimes partitions may also disappear from the hard disk after repartitioning hard drive.

You will lose entire data saved on your drive if you have not taken backup before repartitioning. In some extreme cases, errors during re-partitioning hard drive may corrupt MBR or partition table, which makes entire hard drive inaccessible.

After such scenarios, computer refuses to boot or may display error messages which prevent you from accessing files on partitions.

If so, then what’s next? Well, since you have lost valuable data after hard drive repartitioning, you have to find the best possible way to retrieve lost files from the partition. And, this data loss issue remains no longer a problem since you can recover data after repartitioning hard drive with the help of professional data recovery software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery.

Ideal Way of Recovering Data After Repartitioning Hard drive:

In order to recover lost data after re-partitioning hard drive, you need to make use of proficient hard disk recovery software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software. Since this software can scan, locate and retrieve your important (selected or entire) data lost as a result of repartitioning hard drive. This software scans your entire hard drive to identify all partitions on hard disk and to restore files from these partitions in simple steps. With the help of this advanced software, you can retrieve variety of file types such as MS office documents, email files, images, audio files, videos, archive files, database files, animation files and lot more. It can even restore deleted/lost, formatted/re-formatted and corrupted partitions/drives on hard drive after any unexpected data loss scenario. In case your hard drive has developed bad sectors, you can create disk image with the help of this software and later you can recover files from those disk image files. Moreover, this program is enough capable of performing RAID recovery. With the help of its simple interface and ideal technical assistance, you can effortlessly recover data after repartitioning hard drive.

Here Are Steps to Recover Lost Data from Repartitioned Hard Drive:

Step 1: Connect the repartitioned hard drive to working windows system.

Step 2: Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on the computer (not on repartitioned hard drive).

Step 3: Run the tool and select Partition Recovery option.

Select Partition Recovery

Step 4: Next, select the externally connected drive (repartitioned disk) from the list.

Choose Repartitioned Disk

Step 5: Select all found partitions and hit Next.

Select all found partitions

Step 6: The software scans and shows all files present in repartitioned hard drive.

Recovered Data

Step 7: Choose and preview required files from the list.

Preview Files

Step 8: At last, save recovered files on your system drive (not on the repartitioned hard disk).

Save Recovered Data

Be Aware of Reasons That Are Accountable for Loss of Data After Repartitioning Hard Drive:

Unintentionally Deleting/Formatting Partitions: You may accidentally select and delete a partition while repartitioning hard drive. There is also a chance of formatting partition by mistake during hard drive re-partitioning process.

Using Third Party Tools: Using third-party tools to re-partition hard disk, mistake while repartitioning hard drive or lack of knowledge on using these tools to re-partition hard drive.

Interruptions During Re-Partitioning: Interruptions while repartitioning hard disk on account of sudden power failure, system shutdown and more.


  • Do not forget to take backup of important files before repartitioning hard disk
  • Always shutdown your system properly in order to avoid data loss from hard drive
  • Install powerful antivirus software to remove malware and other threats

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