How to Retrieve Data after System Format?

Daily usage of system will increase the amount of data accommodation on its partitions. In order to protect and secure huge amount of essential data on system, users should pay high attention. Due to ignorance of few users, on screen pop-ups or selecting inaccurate options to accomplish certain tasks might causes data loss from system.

Data loss knocks your door at any time in an unexpected way and most of people have report on data loss due to formatting the system in various situations. In regular usage of system, there might be activities like installing additional operating system, repartitioning hard drive, formatting the system drive to get rid over viruses, etc. While performing these operations, there is a possibility of formatting system unexpectedly. Let us consider some the scenarios that lead to unexpected formatting of the system

  • Generally most of the users go for dual operating system to have access to some unique application. However, accidental formatting of system drives while trying to install dual operating system on system hard drive will leads to huge data loss
  • There are some instances where you get some errors displayed stating that “unformatted drive, format it now” or “HDD not recognized and needs to be formatted” on your system screen. At that time you are left with no option rather than forcibly formatting the system
  • If any errors occur in the middle of repartitioning system’s drive, then possibility of the partition being formatted on system is high
  • Suspicious virus, malware or spyware infection to the system sometimes forces you to format the storage drive. If you proceed with formatting process without taking backup of system data, then eventually all the contents gets wipe out completely

Therefore, before accomplishing any of these tasks, backup acts as heart for your system data. In case you forget to backup system data, then recover your precious data using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software.

How to recover data if system is formatted?

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software can rescue your data after formatting drive on Windows system. The software often brings back variety of files such as MS Office documents, media files, archive files, PDF files, etc from formatted system. It has advanced search algorithms that restore each and every file based on their file name, file size, file extension and its data of creation after formatting the system. The software is also intended to regain data from corrupted or damaged system hard drives. This tool can even extract data from removable storage devices like pen drives, memory cards, portable hard drives and others on Windows system. The program is able to retrieve data after system format from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Steps to restore files from formatted system:

  • If you formatted entire system hard drive, then connect it to any healthy Windows computer through USB cable
  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery utility to your Windows system
  • Execute the program and proceed with the basic guidelines provided
  • In main screen select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option to recover data after system format
  • The application scans entire system and shows all the drives present on your PC including externally attached hard drive
  • Select the drive from where you have to bring back data and click “Next” button
  • This tool scans selected drive and displays all the data from it
  • Mark all the files or folders which you have to retrieve back
  • Finally, save the rescued data to your preferred destination location (Not on to the same formatted drive)

Precautionary Steps:

  • To be at safer side, backup your valuable data on Windows system in any external storage devices
  • Perform repartitioning or reformatting operations with proper user guide on system to prevent unexpected formatting of the system drives
  • Don’t save new data in system after accidental formatting in order to avoid overwriting of data

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