Recover Files after Windows 8 Upgrade

“My laptop was running on Windows 7 operating system. I was happy with its performance but later I had a thought that Windows 8 GUI would be better than Windows 7 so decided to upgrade my current OS to Windows 8. But during the process of up gradation I did not notice that my laptop battery is running out of power and as a consequence of this, it turned off. After attaching power source to my laptop, I have restarted up gradation process. It was successful but for my shock entire data was missing from it. I have used “Upgrade” option while installing OS and as far as I know “Upgrade” option replaces current version of Windows with Windows 8 and keeps files, settings, and programs in place on the computer. Can anyone help me out in this regard?”

Operating system up gradation is a complicated task and one should take backup of entire data such as documents, photos, videos, music and some applications into an external hard drive before commencing the OS up gradation. Upgrading to Windows 8 operating system does not result in losing your data. But if something goes wrong and system gets shutdown in the middle then you will lose entire data from your system. Above explained situation is one such example that represents data loss from your computer after Windows 8 up gradation. Other than that there are several instances which might arise before or after up grading Windows 8 operating system and make you lose vital data. Below given are few of them:

  • Error code: Sometimes when there is problem in Windows firewall, you are presented with error message which prevents you from installing Windows updates. In such situation you are denied to upgrade as well as access information from your computer
  • Error Due to Fragmented drive:  As installation of the upgraded OS version will write many files to the hard disk space, you should defragment your hard drive before OS up gradation otherwise it may affect your files and can cause corruption or deletion
  • Improper up gradation: You should have proper knowledge about upgrading operating system because if it is done inappropriately then you may lose access to the files present in hard drive and get error message that “Access denied”

How to restore data after Windows 8 upgrade:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software serves as the effective media to restore files after Windows 8 upgrade. This recovery tool will help you retrieve entire data like documents, photos, videos, songs, programs and lots more which you lost as a result of Windows 8 up gradation. It guides you step by step so that you can understand it proceed further to restore your files. It is one of the excellent software which will assist you to rescue data from corrupted, damaged, inaccessible hard drive. If you have any query regarding its working and features, you can download free demo version of it. The demo version includes all steps that would help you to restore your files. But to save recovered files, you should activate full version by spending only few dollars.

Steps to recover data after Windows 8 upgrade:

  • Disconnect your Windows hard drive and connect to a healthy computer
  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery and install the application to the connected computer
  • Open the software and follow the procedures displayed on the screen
  • Choose “Partition Recovery” option to retrieve your data after Windows 8 OS up gradation
  • The software scans the system and displays all the logical, physical and external drives
  • Choose the slave drive which represents your hard drive and click on “Next”
  • The software repeats the scanning process and shows all partitions for your selected physical hard disk
  • Choose the partition from where data is to be recovered
  • The next screen displays all the recoverable files from the selected partition
  • Choose the files and folders which are to be recovered
  • Finally, browse for the destination location to save your recovered files

Tips to overcome data loss:

  • Ensure your laptop’s battery is fully charged, as up gradation process take time to complete and it should not be interrupted
  • Creating backup before upgrading to Windows 8 operating system is the best way to protect your data

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