Data Recovery after Corruption of Windows OS

Almost all of you must have witnessed this type of severe issue where your computer’s operating system gets corrupt. But the most frustrating part is when you lose your data also; that was present in your system. However don’t get tensed as this type of data loss is more going to trouble you and data lost in such cases can be easily recovered with the help of competent data recovery tool.

Basically there are many versions of Windows operating systems, but people nowadays prefer Windows 7, which is the latest version of Microsoft Windows operating system released with various enhanced and new features like, big-screen support, media streamer playback, start button search, iTunes support in Windows media player, touch controls, etc. When compared to earlier editions, Windows 7 is better in terms of graphics, application performance and compatibility. Hence most of the users are migrating to Windows 7 from its predecessor. But one of the most critical things that computer users, both professional as well as normal home users do not know is when their operating system is going to corrupt and how to get back data after OS corruption?

Windows operating system might get corrupted due to following reasons:

  • A Corrupt Registry File: The registry file contains detailed information such as programs, external cards, games and network routers etc. If the registry file gets corrupted due to virus attack or the user has deleted any registry entry in registry editor, then it may cause the blue screen death of Windows which indicate that the software has got corrupted
  • Conflicting Security Software: Sometimes, if you have two different anti-virus installed, they will conflict with each other, which can cause damage to your operating system
  • Installing new software: When you install new software on your computer, there are times where it might not be compatible with your current operating system and lead to the corruption or crash of your operating system

What can be done to fix the problem?

When such problems occur, your system may become unbootable and displaying various error messaging indicating about Windows corruption. The sad truth about Windows corruption is that most of the time, you end up losing several important files that you have accumulated over time. In such cases, you cannot access your significant files from Windows hard drive. What if you face this problem and you have not created another copy of your important files..? When you have lost our precious data, you think negatively that the lost data can't be recovered. But, this is a wrong notion! You can still get back your vital data with the help of Hard Drive Recovery Software.

Thus, the best choice to recover files from the corrupted Windows is Yodot Hard Drive Recovery Software. It is designed to have excellent capabilities so that they can methodically scan the affected hard drives and recover all data from them. By utilizing this software you can even recover large amount of data. You can be rest assured as it provides demo version with the help of which one can check the working of this software. Download the software to see all the files coming back to you.

Follow these procedures to recover data

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software into an healthy computer
  • Disconnect the hard drive from where you lost data and attach it to a computer in which you have downloaded the software
  • Now, run the software and go as per the steps displays on the screen
  • You will get two options, namely “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery”
  • Choose “Partition Recovery” from the screen
  • The software now displays all the drives present in your system
  • Tick on the one you want to recover and continue further
  • The application now deeply scans the drive. Once the scanning is done, click on “Next” to see the logical drives present in it
  • Select from the logical drive and continue by clicking on “Next”
  • Now the files that are present in the selected logical drive will be displayed. Make use of the search box to find out the particular file type that you are looking for, otherwise click on “Skip” option to select all of them
  • The software again starts scanning and displays all the recoverable files in two view types; they are “Data Type” and “File Type”. Make use of these two options and click on “Next”
  • If you don’t find the file you are looking for then use “Smart Scan” option to undergo deep scan
  • Preview the files before saving them in the location you prefer
  • At last, save recovered files to the desired location. Make sure that you save it in different location

Tips to Remember

  • Scan your computer with an updated antivirus to make sure it is not infected
  • Maintain the backup of important files in order to prevent you from data loss
  • Do not add anything on the drive from where you lost the files

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