Why I Cannot Access Data Due To Error 0x80070057

Written by Lucy John on April 28, 2023

“Nowadays nothing is as terror as error! Seriously you might be working on your system, suddenly a pop-up with an error code will be encountered. The user will be blank for few minutes in his busy schedule. It is pretty common to face such error messages among users while working with computers. So let us have a brief discussion on error 0x80070057 that causes data inaccessibility on system.”

Error 0x80070057 are caused due to many factors. Just have a look upon few along with the solutions to fix them up.

1. The parameter is incorrect

This occurs mainly due to the registry which is at size limit. And sometimes registry keys hold files and as a result if registry reaches limit, then large entries cannot be written.

Solution: Adding a registry key value to fix error

Step 1: Click on Start and type in the search box as Regedit.exe and then click on Enter

Step 2: On Registry Editor, find out registry subkey with the path below and click it:


Step 3: Click on the Edit menu and then on New and finally click on DWORD Value. Right-click CopyFileBufferedSynchronousIo and click to Modify

Step 4: Now type 1 and click OK on Value data box. Then exit editor and restart your computer

2. Installing new hardware or software

The error also occurs when a new installation of hardware damages current system configuration settings.

Solution: Remove the installed hardware that was added newly

Whenever a new hard drive is connected, system needs a link for connection of that hardware (driver). After driver installation, few system settings will be altered damaging previous settings of system. So disconnect the hardware and restart the computer to check if it works.

3. Windows update

Windows update error 0x80070057 occurs when Microsoft updates are released to fix system vulnerabilities. This error indicates Windows update installation failed.

Solution: By renaming SoftwareDistribution folder

Step 1: Run the command prompt and type %SystemRoot% in search box and then press on Enter

Step 2: Find SoftwareDistribution folder and right-click and then select rename. Rename as SoftwareDistribution.old

Step 3: Now after enabling Windows Update service, restart your system

Upon trying out above manual methods and still the error is possibly seen again. Then it’s better to safeguard all the data from system before losing them.

Finally retrieve your inaccessible data using a reliable software such as Yodot Hard Drive application.

Rescue your inaccessible data due to error 0x80070057

This utility is developed with advanced scanning technology that scans every sector of hard drive to bring inaccessible data files irrespective of any error formats. Not only Hard drives but even data from USB drives, FireWire drive, etc. can be restored securely using this tool. Some of the Windows OS versions supported by this application includes Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003. The tool is helpful in recovering data when Windows shows Error code 43, Error 48 sector not found or other inaccessible boot errors.

Simple to implement but very effective just follow the steps

Step 1: Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery application on your system

Step 2: Launch the installed program and follow the instructions provided

Step 3: Opt for “Partition Recovery” option and select the drive that contains inaccessible data


Step 4: Scanning process starts displaying a collection of files that can be retrieved

Step 5: After recovering, review those files by using “Data View” or “File Type View” option


Step 6: Now finally save all the files that were restored onto desired destination folder


Have a backup copy of vital files to avoid data loss disasters

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