Recover Computer Data

You might lose data from your personal computer due to various reasons. But, the need for recovering deleted or lost data depends on the point, how important the data for you. And if erased or missing files from the PC means a lot to you then you have to find a way to get them back.

Before seeking ways to recover PC data, you must know what are the most common causes of data loss on the computer. This definitely helps in keeping your data safe as well as to choose an ideal PC data recovery solution.

Typical Data Loss Events You May Encounter with Your Computer:

Human Errors:

Human error is one of the most common causes of data loss on PCs. Clicking the Delete or Format button accidentally, improper installation of OS/applications, erasing something we don't mean to delete, interrupting the data transfer process (especially cut-paste), emptying the Recycle Bin without checking its content and later regret yourself for not restoring the important files present in it and more. These are the instances of human errors which lead to data loss and deletion on computers.

Software Malfunction:

File System corruption, partition loss due to unknown reason, one program conflicts with another, MBR corruption, bad sectors etc. aspects may result in missing or deletion of individual files or entire partition from your PC.

Viruses and Malware:

You know that virus or malware script degrades your computer performance and steal confidential information from it. But, most of us aren’t aware of the fact that computer viruses or malicious code can also damage partial or entire data present on your computer.

Unforeseen Errors:

All the above-listed reasons for data loss on the computer are expected (except human errors). But, sudden system crash, abrupt system shutdown/reboot, power surge when PC is running etc. are the factors which you cannot predict until it occurs. And, these things can damage your PC components, corrupt the file system or delete saved data on the computer.

You will lose data from your computer as an outcome of any above or alike situation. And, in this instance, there arise two main questions. One is whether the lost or deleted data is important for you? If NO, then the problem is solved.

If your answer is YES, then there coming the next one - How to recover lost or deleted data from computer?

If you have any backup (on an external hard drive, cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) of lost or deleted data, then it’s well and good. Just restore your backup. Else, you need to perform computer data recovery; in case you don't have a backup.

Most of the PC users think that the data is gone forever, once they delete or lose it from the system. So, don't worry, if you have no idea on how to do PC data recovery! You can find a reliable computer recovery software that helps you.

Here we will present you an efficient, simple-yet-effective PC data recovery tool.

Best PC Recovery Software:

To carry out easy and successful computer data recovery process, you need to first select a dependable and powerful recovery freeware. So, here we recommend you Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software. The program helps you to recover files from emptied Recycle Bin, crashed/unbootable computer, formatted or failed hard disk drive, deleted or lost partition and more in a hassle-free manner. By using this tool, you can verify recovered data even before saving it on your computer. You can doubtlessly run this software on all versions of Windows operating systems. Moreover, an ideal tech team is at your help round the clock.

So, it just takes few clicks to fully restore your data lost due to deletion, formatting, partition corruption/loss, system crash, virus and more with Yodot. And now, you can get a free download of the software and install it on your computer to start your PC data recovery task.

Steps to Recover PC Data with Yodot Drive Recovery Software:

Step 1: Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on the PC, on which you have to perform data recovery (not on the partition from which you need to recover files).

Externally connect your PC hard drive to another working Windows computer, if PC is not booting.

Step 2: Run the installed software from Start menu or using its desktop icon.

Step 3: On the main window, choose either Partition Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Recovery option (opt one based on your data loss situation).

Main Screen/>

Step 4: Select the hard drive from which you need to recover data in the list of shown drives and go Next.

Select Hard Drive/>

Step 5: Mark all detected partitions of the selected drive and hit the Next button.

Mark Partitions/>

Step 6: Select file types that you want to recover (if you wish to recover specific data). In case, you want to restore entire data (irrespective of file type), then click on Skip or Mark All button.

Select File Types/>

Step 7: After scanning the selected drive and partitions, the tool shows the recovered data in File Type View and Data View.

View Data/>

Step 8: Select and Preview required files to check the recovery ability of the software.


Step 9: To end, save your recovered data to a safe new location (not on the same drive from where you retrieved).


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