How to Retrieve Damaged Partition on Windows 7?

"Need quick help!! One of the logical drive on my Windows 7 desktop got damaged after performing hard drive defragmentation. I made use of some third party utility to defrag hard drive as it was running slow; but this ended up in corrupting a partition. Now, how to get data from this damaged partition on Windows 7, kindly help me to overcome this troublesome situation.”

Microsoft Windows 7 is the finest OS version in the series of Windows operating systems for personal computers and laptops. Windows 7 came up with advanced features like improved user interface, redesigned task bar, new Action Center for improved system security as well as maintenance, enhanced WMP, Windows Media Center and Internet Explorer. System hard drive installed with Windows 7 operating system can be partitioned in to numerous logical sections as per user’s need to store necessary data. When one such partition on Windows 7 hard dive gets damaged, then it leads to data loss as damaged partition becomes inaccessible.

Causes for partition damage on Windows 7 are:

  • Malware Intrusion: If a partition on Windows 7 system hard disk is affected by harmful viruses, then such partition gets damaged and all its data will be out of reach
  • File System Corruption: File system on a partition is a crucial factor to read / write data in to that partition. When file system gets corrupt due to incorrect format or reformat process or by spyware attacks, then partition will become inaccessible
  • Impact of Third Party Tools: Use of unreliable applications on Windows 7 hard drive to perform crucial tasks like creating new partition, resizing partitions or repartitioning hard drive can sometimes damage existing partition on hard drive
  • Software Conflicts: Presence of bad media spots, OS reinstallation errors, incorrect Windows 7 updates, etc. can all result in damaging partition

Partition on Windows 7 can get corrupted in any of the scenarios listed here, after which it will be grayed out blocking access to entire data stored in that partition. However, if you are worried about damaged partition recovery on Windows 7 then be calm and continue reading to find out best solution.

Damaged partition recovery software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the ultimate solution to get back data from damaged partition on Windows 7. This tool is capable of recovering data such as documents, movies, folders, images, music files, archives, etc. from corrupted partition with utmost ease. This amazing recovery software can get back partition data from failed, dead, unbootable or corrupted hard drive on Windows 7 system. It elegantly performs data recovery from internal & external hard drive, USB flash drive, SSD, memory cards and other storage drives on Windows 7 OS. Apart from this, it can recover lost partition data on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems. Also, one can extract data from damaged, corrupted, formatted/reformatted and inaccessible partition on Windows 7 hard drive.

Steps to extract data from damaged partition on Windows 7:

  • Connect Windows 7 hard drive with damaged partition to a healthy Windows system
  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on this system by logging in as system administrator
  • After complete installation, launch the software and wait till main screen appears
  • Next, click on ‘Partition Recovery’ option to restore damaged partition data
  • Then, from the list of drives shown on-screen, select the one that represents hard drive with damaged partition
  • Proceeding next, mention the file types that have to be rescued from corrupt partition or simply click on Mark All button
  • Scanning takes place and status of which will be displayed in Status bar
  • Results of scanning process can be viewed in two view types – ‘Data view’ and ‘File Type View’
  • Then glance at recovered files by toggling between view types
  • At last, preview the details of selected files and save recovered data to desired target location on host Windows system hard drive

Points to Remember:

  • Hold backup of important data from Windows 7 partitions to avoid data loss
  • Avoid errors while performing critical tasks on Windows 7; otherwise that could lead to partition damage

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