How to Retrieve Data from a Dead Pc Hard Drive?

Hard drives are the storage devices where all the digital information is stored and accessed accordingly. There are various types of hard drive like SCSI, IDE, SATA and many others. All these are available in different size (GB) as required by users. The most important thing that needs to be done when you have some information in your external hard drive is that, copy the data and save it in your PC from where files can be opened and used.

Sometimes faults do occur while using your PC leading to loss of valuable files stored on its hard drive. All of sudden your PC turns dead and doesn’t respond no matter what you do. PC hard drive goes dead due to number of technical faults. Below given are some of the scenarios that may result in dead PC hard drive:

  • Virus Infections: Virus infections are one of the major reasons that cause PC hard drive corruption by damaging file system of logical drives. Also severe viruses corrupts boot sector resulting in malfunctioning of operating system. PC hard drive goes dead when system fails to boot and you cannot access any information from your computer. These viruses usually get access into your system from internet source or while transferring data from already infected external drives or when antivirus application is not installed
  • System Crash: Sometimes your computer may crash due to certain faults, making your PC dead. Computer crash may occur as result of using improper installation procedure, hardware conflicts, corruption of system files necessary for functioning of PC, boot load corruptions and so on

Well! There is no need to get upset. The information that was there in the system when the PC hard disk goes dead can be accessed by using the services of excellent data recovery tool like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery. You just need to connect your dead computer hard drive to other healthy Windows system where this recovery tool has been installed and follow the onscreen steps for restoring process.

Way to save data from dead computer hard drive

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is comprehensive tool that has been developed by a team of highly qualified engineers to rescue your essential information from hard drive of dead PC. This application has its support extended to various interfaces of hard drives like SATA, SCSI, SAS and many others. It allows users to store restored files in a compressed zip way so that it takes minimum required hard disk space. The user interface provided in this tool has been made so easy to use so that a user doesn’t require any technical knowledge to operate it.

Steps for restoring data from hard drive of dead PC:

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool in another PC and make sure that you have been logged in as local system administrator
  • Now, after the software has been installed connect the hard drive of your dead PC to this computer through USB interface
  • Launch the recovery tool and proceed with main screen for completing the recovery process
  • The options that have been provided in your main screen are “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery
  • You need to click on Partition Recovery, which will take you to next screen where details and the list of logical and external hard drives of your system are displayed
  • Select your hard drive and then click on Next button
  • This will provide you with the set of file types that have to be recovered or you also have the option to skip this process, which by default selects all files that are lost from your dead desktop hard drive and starts scanning process
  • On completion of scanning process, the recovered files are listed on the basis of “File Type View” and “Data View
  • Snap between the required ones and then proceed with saving the files to a safer location

Essential Tips:

  • Install and regularly update antivirus application installed on your Desktop hard drive
  • It is advised not to use your hard drive once PC has gone dead
  • While removing, handle your dead hard drive with utmost care so as to avoid any physical damage

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