How to Retrieve Data from IDE Hard Drive?

Every hard drive needs an interface for connecting the hard drive to motherboard. IDE is one such electronic interface that helps data transfer from motherboard to reach storage drive. IDE stands for Integrated Device Electronics. This technology integrates electronics controller into the hard disk drive. This interface is the most used interface because it is cost efficient and has high data transfer speed.

However, similar to other hard drives the data from these drives is also lost due to numerous reasons. For instance you were using an IDE hard drive to store your important data from many years. But from the last few days you notice that the performance of the hard drive decreasing due to virus infection. Your friend suggested you to formatting your IDE hard drive to remove viruses and other computer worms. You followed your friend advice and formatted your hard disk. And some time, you suddenly realized your mistake i.e. you forgot to take backup of important data before formatting IDE hard disk. You were very much disappointed and started blaming yourself.

Need not panic. You are not alone; there are many users who end up losing their valuable data due to one or other blunder. Still you can get back files from IDE hdd if you take quick steps after losing data. Before knowing about the IDE hard disk recovery procedure, let us see the different scenarios in which data is lost from IDE hard drive:

  • Partition Deletion: Deletion of partition from IDE hard drive leads to complete data loss from IDE hard drives. Partitions might get deleted due to false operation or while creating or expanding an hard drive partition
  • OS Crash: The Operating System may crash due to improper installation, hardware conflicts, sudden power surges, boot loader corruption, etc. In such case, you will lose access to the hard drive resulting in data loss
  • File System corruption: The File System of the hard drive gets corrupt due to virus infection, sudden system reboots and so on. These leads to drive inaccessibility and file loss from IDE hard drives

As mentioned earlier, you have to find out the accurate way of restoring lost or inaccessible data from IDE hard disk. One method is to opt for suitable data recovery such as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to successfully get your work done.

IDE Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

The Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is comprehensive utility to rescue deleted or lost files and folders from IDE hard drive on Windows OS. It is designed with powerful scanning technology to scan your IDE disk recover files even when it has bad sectors. The software helps you retrieve data lost from simple deletion to complicated data loss scenarios when partition is deleted, lost, formatted or corrupted on IDE hard drive. It supports SATA, SCSI, SAS, ATA and PATA hard drive types. Other than hard disks, you can also rescue data from USB drives, external hard drives, FireWire drives, etc on Windows PC running on any one of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista operating systems.

How to restore IDE hard drive data with simple steps?

  • Download and install the software on your computer. If the hard drive is severely corrupted then install the software on a healthy computer and connect the hard drive to that computer
  • Assuming that you have lost data from hard drive due to format, the recovery steps are given ahead
  • Select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery from the main screen
  • Select the formatted drive and click “Next”. The software scans the drive and displays all the partitions on the drive
  • Select the partition from where files are to be recovered and click “Next”
  • After scan process, the files which can be recovered are displayed on the screen
  • Preview those files and save them to your desired destination location


  • Don’t ignore any warning messages and immediately take backup of data to prevent data loss
  • Stop using your IDE hard drive after data loss mishap