Retrieve Data from Maxtor External Hard Drive

“I have a Maxtor external hard drive in which I save my valuable data. I do so, as I use my computer a lot to store huge data in it which makes the computer storage space almost full. This time when I connected my Maxtor drive to the computer, the drive is getting detected but it is labeled as “RAW”. When I click on it, I get a message that the drive need to be formatted before it could be used. I cannot format it as the files on it will be lost. What shall I do now to rescue my files from it?”

Do not panic, at times people come across the situation as above. You can get back your files from Maxtor drives having your crucial data in it. Firstly let us know what a RAW drive is. RAW partition is the one which doesn’t have a defined File System. This is when the partition is not formatted with any File System or when the File System is not recognized by Operating System of the computer. The partition will be formatted before you can use it. But it will erase all the data that you've stored in the drive. You'll need a software that can recover data even after reformatting the hard drive.

The second case is the cause for Maxtor drive to become RAW. The OS fails to recognize the File System due to virus infection to the File System files on external hard drive.

The RAW Maxtor external hard drive data can be easily recovered using recovery software on your computer. You never thought that the Maxtor drive you chose because of its ease of usage and the special features would also fall prey to corruption resulting in data loss. It provided you data security, you could schedule backup on Maxtor drive, set password and also encrypt data to avoid unauthorized access to it.

Other scenarios in which data is lost from Maxtor external hard drive:

  • Re-partitioning: Re-partitioning Maxtor external hard drive can lead to loss or inaccessibility of data when you encounter errors
  • Inadvertent Deletion: You may delete data on Maxtor external drive inadvertently, which bypasses Recycle Bin of Windows computer
  • Formatting: When you connect Maxtor external drive to system and instead of opening it if you accidentally format the drive then, entire drive data will be lost
  • Anti-virus Scan: Antivirus software scans data on externally connected drives and deletes all unrecognized or corrupt files without any notice thus causing loss of files

In the above scenarios, lost or deleted data from Maxtor external hard drive can be restored by making use of Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software. This software helps you to restore files lost from Maxtor external hard drive without difficulty.

Maxtor data rescue utility:

The Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is one of the recovery software helping you to perform data recovery from Maxtor external hard drive, You can recover deleted or lost files of different file types like documents, photos, videos, etc. It has advanced scanning mechanism and hence you can recover files lost in any catastrophic condition. If there are bad sectors on the disk drive then the software creates image of the sector and bypasses it. Then reads data on the image created.

Demo version of the software is also available for you to evaluate the result of recovery. The application does not stops with Maxtor drive alone even Apple, Fujitsu, Toshiba, WD My Passport drive that is not accessible and many other hard drive types can be restored with data using this tool.

Simple steps to recover data from Maxtor external hard drive:

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery on Windows OS based computer
  • Connect the Maxtor external hard drive to your computer and run the utility
  • You will get “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” options in the main screen.
  • Now, select “Partition Recovery” option and click “Next”
  • Now in the given list of logical and physical drives present on the system, select the drive that represents Maxtor external hard drive and click “Next”
  • The software scans for the files on Maxtor external drive and displays the result in few seconds. You can view the files in “File Type View” or “Data View”
  • If you are not satisfied with the result then select “Smart Scan”
  • After recovery, you can save recovery session for future use
  • Select the necessary files and specify desired location on the system drive to store those files and click “Save”

Tips to be noted:

  • Handle the external hard drive with care. Always safe eject the drive
  • Think twice before deleting data on external hard drive as the data will bypass Recycle Bin and deleted permanently
  • Keep scanning the external hard drive regularly to keep it free from virus

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